Lacing Shapes and Colors Pegboard Building Puzzle Set with Pattern Card, Bonus Travel Backpack & 36pg Activity eBook Montessori Fine Motor Color Recognition Sorting Counting Matching Stacking Toy Kids

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Kids Korner LACING COLORS & SHAPES SORTER PEGBOARD SET with Rainbow Jumbo Lacing Beads

An interactive shapes puzzle for toddlers to learn the basics!

MR. KUDDLES, your learning guide.

Let Mr. Kuddles take you step by step into the world of colors for kids, shapes games for toddlers, lacing, patterns, math and more! Watch while your little one is immersed into the world of learning and playing at the same time BECAUSE LEARNING WAS MEANT TO BE FUN!

THE BENEFITS are endless!

This pegboard for kids educational learning shapes toy is great for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, occupational therapy clients and even elderly patients who need to strengthen their fine motor skills. This interactive lacing shapes activity peg board stacker also helps to improve memory skills, hand eye coordination and strengthens those cognitive muscles.

From counting, sorting, math skills and fine motor development to building, creating and stacking, this shapes learning toys creative play pegboard is ideal for every child to gain the essential life long skills so their future = success.


36 Shape Pegs (2″x1.25″)

1 Green Foam Board (8″x8″) –

1 Pattern Card = 10 Patterning Activities for Colors and Shapes (5″x7″)

1 Kids Korner Storage / Travel Backpack (10″x13″)

1 Lacing & Threading String (36″)

Activity eBook including over 30 pages on step by step instruction from Mr. Kuddles!

BPA Free, Latex Free, Washable & Safe for All Ages

SHAPES to learn: circle, square, triangle, star, hexagon and heart!

COLORS to learn: red, orange, yellow, green, blue & purple!

ORDER NOW TO HELP YOUR CHILD GET A HEAD START ON THE BEST WAY TO LEARN!The best way to learn is here — because learning was meant to be fun!
Toddler – toddlers will develop fine motor muscles as their curiosity and discovery emerges. They will start to manipulate the pegs as they grab, stack, build & tap the pieces together all while identifying the colors and shapes! Counting is also a part of toddler play as you can help reinforce numbers and counting with each peg.
Preschool – preschoolers will use these pegs as their language develops by learning to say each of the colors and shapes. At this stage your little one will also develop their hand-eye coordination by lacing shapes and making and following patterns!
Kindergarten – kindergartners will use basic counting skills and apply it to more advanced math skills such as adding & subtracting. With a little help from mom and dad, your little one will soon be listening & follow directions too! Don’t forget to praise your child after each direction is properly completed as this is in essential way to help our youth succeed!
Complete peg board set building puzzle inspired by montessori learning! The perfect gift for your little one. Everything you need to get started in helping your child develop. Build those fine motor skills – hand eye coordination – motor control – visual perception – cogitative thinking – problem solving and more!