Leah Remini’s Daughter Texted A Breakfast Request To Her Mom And Won Hearts Around The World

These days, Leah Remini most often makes headlines with her take-downs of Scientology and sitcom work on Kevin Can Wait. And of course, you can see her seemingly every night on King of Queens reruns.

What doesn’t get talked about a lot is her family life. The actress is married with one child. One very proper, precocious, and picky child that just won hearts all over the internet with the most glorious text request ever.

In case you didn’t know, the actress is married to Angelo Pagan, a successful actor in his own right who’s best known for his roles in Swordfish and Hawthorne.

They share one daughter, 13-year-old Sofia Bella Pagan.

As you’re about to see, this is one little girl who knows what she wants out of life.

The story seems to be that Sofia and Leah were in the same house, just a few rooms away when the teenager went for her phone. You know, instead of just using her voice like the good ole days!

Leah was kind enough to share that conversation on her Instagram with the world. For the mothers of teenagers, this probably won’t come as a shock.

It starts idyllically enough. A young girl, presumably still in bed even though she’s been texting for the past hour, decides to stay under the covers and simply send in a breakfast request to her mother like she’s dialing Uber Eats. And mom, being the kind and loving parent she is, graciously offers to handle it.

Here’s where it gets specific. Whereas most of us would just ask for bacon and a muffin, little Sofia decided to send cooking directions and meat specifications. Apparently the teen likes everything overcooked.

Still, things don’t get properly hilarious until Leah, aiming to please, asks for clarification on that fruit request. Prepare for absolute magic.

There is no better answer possible to the question, “What kind of fruit?” than “an array.” Here’s to hoping Remini had enough random fruit on hand to meet this vague-yet-epic request.

Luckily, Remini’s caption reveals that she thought it was just as funny and absurd as the rest of us did.

Luckily, Remini's caption reveals that she thought it was just as funny and absurd as the rest of us did.

And the comments section of this post is full of wisecracks and sympathy.

In case you don’t have kids yet, it turns out the phenomena of your children texting you when they’re well within talking distance is a common one. Leah’s IG followers were quick to assure her she wasn’t alone.

Others shared her lament at their children’s bougie taste buds. Although this particular commenter’s kid seems to be taking it several steps too — far what kind of kid is ordering lobster every time he goes out?

And some parents just laid down the cold, hard truth.

But maybe the point is, Leah and Sofia clearly have a happy and healthy relationship that results in hilarious text exchanges for the rest of the world to smile at.

If that’s not #ParentingGoals, what is?

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