Lessons Learned from the Diablo Immortal Reveal – News

Diablo Immortal is pretty much ready, according to NetEase and Blizzard is putting finishing touches to the game. What remains still unknown is the monetization model of the mobile title and today, we’re looking at a leaked screenshot from a meeting between Blizzard and NetEase.

Even though the picture is quite old, it’s the only sign of a possible monetization model for the upcoming mobile title we have to this day.

In the picture, we can see Li Yang, Diablo Immortal Producer for NetEase and Blizzard’s Wyatt Cheng. Redditor Ikeda_kouji says what we’re seeing on the display is a currency, which can be purchased to increase the chance of item upgrades (Veiled Crystal) not to fail.

Apparently, you’ll be able to upgrade items in the game, and with increasing ranks, the chance for upgrades to fail increases. Just think of Legendary Gems from Diablo 3, where you have a 1% chance to upgrade them when running low level Greater Rifts. 

Veiled Crystals are here to reduce or completely eliminate the chance of upgrades failing and they are a potential Diablo Immortal currency.

Image courtesy of Ikeda_kouji (Source)

The image was posted and later taken down from the NetEase’s website, according to this Taiwanese blog.

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