Let's Play World Of Warcraft – Part 1 – Night Elf Druid: Beginning (#1)

Let's Play World Of Warcraft – Part 1 – Night Elf Druid: Beginning (#1)

Let’s Play World Of Warcraft

[Night Elf Druid]

Episode #1: Beginning (#1)

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Welcome to the first part in my series; Let’s Play World Of Warcraft!
Thank you for clicking on this video! I hope you enjoy this first installment, an extra long episode, seeing as it is the first. Future uploads will generally be between 20-30 mins.

In this series we will be following the adventures of a Night Elf Druid, beginning, as with all Night Elves, in the starting zone of Teldrassil. This particular zone has always been amongst my favourites in the game and it’s very cool to be back playing WoW and revisiting this place, some of the quests are still fresh in my mind too! We will happen across some familiar faces, and, if you’re like me and returning from a break, come across some new things also.

In this first video we beat up some Grellkin and some Timberlings, hunt high and low for Nightsaber fangs, pick some flowers, brave a spider-ridden cave, turn into a cat and end up a mighty level 7 by the time we’re through!

I plan to make this let’s play a consistent series, with 1-2 episodes being uploaded each week, alongside my other videos. If you’d like to follow the series please check out my channel and subscribe to keep updated and be the first to know when a new video is uploaded!

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