Let's Stream World of Warcraft Classic

Let's Stream World of Warcraft Classic

Yes, these streams will show up as videos later.

Yes, I’m reading chat. No, I don’t usually respond to chat because I’m basically just let’s playing but streaming it. If all of us in multiplayer sessions are all talking to our individual chats the whole time it just becomes a mess. If I see a topic come up in chat that I want to address I will elect to do so, but I’m not going to greet everyone.

I will definitely ignore you if your question is “Will you play Game X, Y, or Z?” I’m here to play the game that I’m currently playing, not hypothesize about what I will play in the future. Not only is it boring commentary to talk about future games that I largely have nothing to say about, but any answers would likely be lies because I rarely can predict the future of my own schedule and past attempts to predict it have been consistently wrong. The answer is basically always “maybe.” New games come out so fast and it takes so long to finish whatever I’m currently playing that I can’t even keep up with all the ones that I want to play, let alone the ones that you’re asking about.

No shoutouts. Donations are appreciated but please do not do them if your intention is to receive a shoutout. This is a deliberate choice on my end because I think that streams where the streamer just thanks their audience the entire time is bad, annoying content, and I produce content for people who think similarly to me.

I don’t really care if my way of doing things is “against streaming culture” or “defeats the purpose of streaming.” This is the format that I prefer as both a streamer and a viewer and it’s going to be the form that this takes.

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