Level 1-90 In One Hour – World of Warcraft (Time-Lapse) WoW

Level 1-90 In One Hour – World of Warcraft (Time-Lapse) WoW

World of Warcraft time-lapse. From level 1 to 90 in 1 hour (55x speed)
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WoW 1-90. I recorded my new characters entire leveling progress and condensed it into a time-lapse. This video is 55 times faster than normal speed and 1 second in this video is slightly less than 1 minute of actual gameplay. Took me about 2 days 7 hours to level 90. No RaF, Full heirlooms and only quests.

YouTubes low bitrate and 30fps limit really made this video look worse than the original file, but if you watch it in 720p the quality should be fine. I shall do another one in the next WoW expansion and hope that YouTube has improved their standard video formats by then 🙂

Music in this video is from “Pro Scores” cinematic music design tools made by Video Copilot.

Many people ask me how can you level so fast and do you have somekind of special questing route. I don’t think my time was that good, I could have done it close to 2 days if I would have planned everything beforehand. So I don’t got any special questing route. I just went to the zones I like the most. I didn’t even have any experience about different quest lines, because this was my first Alliance character I leveled 1-60 after Cataclysm.

Some interesting statistic about the video:

-Original file size(real time): 64,5Gb
-Original file size(time-lapse): 6,87Gb
-Rendering time total: ~48 hours

-Total time played: 2 days, 7 hours, 57 minutes, 22 seconds = 55h:57m:22s
-Average time spent per level: 37 minute 20 seconds
-Quests completed: 1547
-Average quests quests completed per hour: 28
-Total deaths: 45
-Total deaths from other players: 33
-Total kills: 8791
-Honorable Kills: 21
-Critters killed 192
-Gold from quests: 7281g
-Gold looted: 796g
-Gold from vendors: 3478g
-Gold spent on travel: 20g
-Flight paths taken: 75
-Number of times hearthed: 15
-Healthstones used: 63
-Ressurected by soulstones: 24
-Total damage done: 609275965
-Total damage received: 31665078

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