Leveling Guides and Class Guides Updated for 8.1.5, Kul Tiran Humans, and Zandalari Trolls

Comment by Sydni

on 2019-03-14T01:45:57-05:00

If you’ve seen and done it all before, I highly recommend Azeroth AutoPilot. Shaved hours off my usual time because it removes a ton of dialogue/turnin clicking time.r
Helps my poor fingers, too!

Comment by LovelyOats

on 2019-03-14T04:06:42-05:00

Helpful tip for 20-60.r
Eastern Kingdoms is faster for both factions.r
Silverpine – Hillsbrad – Hinterlands – Plaguelands for Horde.r
Westfall – Redridge- Duskwood – Plagueslands for Alliance.

Comment by Ovidiu30

on 2019-03-14T04:39:58-05:00

Will vouch for that, except I didnu2019t do westfall, just redridge>duskwood>stv (both)> wpl. That got me to 60 easily with only half of wpl done. r
In addition, I would recommend knocking out a dungeon every 10 levels (30,40 etc) as well as doing both a random wrath/bc or mop/cata once you reach those brackets. Broke up the monotony of leveling. I also recommend monk for fastest leveling. The Xp buff is amazing. I went from 20-80 in about 12 hours of play.

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