Life Lately: Prodromal Labor, Giving up on Doing it All and Costume idea for bossy 2 year old

The other night at 1 am, after an hour and half of trying to sleep…
I decided to organize my wallet and clean out my purse. (as you do.)
In the silence I finally realized that I need to stop acting like a crazy person.
This is not the season for homemade costumes or participating in the trunk or treat.
It’s the season to grow a human and be totally miserable for a few more weeks.
SO hard for me because they are things I enjoy doing.
But the next day I returned what I got for those things
and the kids picked out their costumes at Walmart. Done.
This is your pep talk if you’re like me and try and do all the things.
Sometimes you gotta let some things go so you can live your season well.
I love these people of mine.
I shared this on my Instagram…and seeing everyone’s comments was incredible.
We are not alone in this feeling of wanting/needing/trying to do it all
and that’s so uplifting knowing that!

Anyone else have a bossy 2 year old who thinks it’s way
more fun to just run around in a diaper? 🙂
Asher is not feeling his halloween costume, let alone clothing in general.
I’m thinking we need a costume that’s as naked as possible. haha.

Had a checkup yesterday. Only 1cm dilated. I was HOPING I wasn’t progressing more
because I don’t feel ready at all…
but I seriously thought how could I NOT be with how this feels.
But Prodromal labor is kicking my booty.
(Cue all my children giggling at the word booty.)
A couple nights ago I had contractions every 10 minutes for over an hour and I cried myself to sleep.
I honestly feel like the grouchiest person right now because of the discomfort.
I need to just get a grip and buckle down. Only a few more weeks!
I could copy and paste word for word my Instagram update on Asher’s pregnancy
compared to this one except I’m almost 37 weeks:
“37 weeks today and had a checkup. I thought for sure I would have progressed even more with all these horrible contractions.
Nope. Doctor said it looks like I’m having Prodromal Labor.
Labor that starts and stops for sometimes days on end.
I had a natural birth with Micah, I know what bad contractions feel like.
I almost went into the hospital three times this past week with how bad and time able they got.
Unlike most Braxton hicks, the contractions from prodromal labor are painful
and feel like real labor except it’s like a tease. It builds up (sometimes for hours) and then fizzles out.
It’s emotionally exhausting and makes you feel like you don’t understand your body.”
—- exactly where I’m at with baby five. Self diagnosed: irritable uterus. haha.

The funny comments keep rolling in!
People just can’t help themselves when they see a pregnant lady!
The best one from last week:
Someone told me, “well, you look good in your face!”
Hahaha the best. I laughed all the way to my car thinking about that
comment and how people mean so well deep deep down.
Trying to savor these last few weeks because honestly, that feels so short!
I can’t believe we are here already.
Here’s some glimpses into life lately.
athomewithnatalie4 athomewithnatalie5

I can’t wait to update you guys on baby’s arrival!
Have you seen my Hospital bag video/post?
Crossing the to-do’s off the list as we wait. 🙂

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