Little Girl Stops Pouting And Dances When Music Comes On

Babies are the cutest little beings on the planet. They’re easy to please with some TLC.

But as they get older, their personalities and emotions can go haywire at times. Sometimes, they just can’t control their emotions. Whether they’re happy or sad, it’s usually written all over their faces.

But the bright side to this is that you can always try to change their mood once you notice it. And if you do — it’s typically a quick fix!

This sweet 14-month-old is a great example of that. As she sits in her kitchen chair, she looks a bit dismissive to her mom and dad recording.

But surprisingly, this cute pout doesn’t stay for long. As soon as Mom turns on her “jam,” she completely transforms herself into a happy dancing queen! Right in that little seat!

The Thomas the Tank Engine song is apparently her favorite, and within a second of it being on she recognizes it and gets extremely excited.

There might be a song out there that has a similar effect on you, too — right? If there is, let us know the title in the comments below!

Everyone needs a good dance party every once in a while.

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