Little Habits That Can Make Big Differences in Your Life | 6 Small Habits That Can Transform Your Life | Healthy Habits

Aristotle once famously said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” The ancient philosopher was certainly right about the idea that habits are what often make or break a person. When you are too worn down, exhausted or defeated to think about your actions, your habits are what you fall back on. They are the things you do without thought. They require no willpower, no focus, and you may not even always remember doing them. This is why if someone asks you in the morning if you brushed your teeth or locked the door before you left the house, you may struggle to remember if you actually did it. Your conscious memory and willpower are not needed to complete habits. This, of course, is exactly why they are so important. If you have good habits, then you will automatically do things that are good for you. If you have bad habits, you will default to problematic behavior. 

The fact that you complete habitual actions automatically makes it difficult to break old habits or create new ones. You have to focus to replace the bad habit. Creating good habits, however, is worth the effort, and not all healthy habits require overhauling your life. Sometimes, the habits that make the biggest difference are the smallest changes. Here are six little habits that can transform your life. 

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