Living an Eco-Friendly Life – Things You Can Start Doing Now!

Chanelle is the best at living an eco-friendly life, and she is forever inspiring me to make simple sustainable changes. It comes naturally to her and her brother … they grew up learning to care for the planet, and I’m always discovering new ideas from them.

Don’t you love it when your kids influence you to be a better person?

Living an Eco-Friendly Life

living an eco-friendly life

Plant a garden

This year in honor of Earth Day, I decided to plant some blueberry bushes and start an herb garden. I’m constantly buying fresh herbs and blueberries at the store, so it makes logical sense to grow my own, and I’m overjoyed at the thought of an unlimited supply of blueberries, basil and oregano!

Eat eco-friendly food

I’m starting with growing my own blueberries and herbs and have plans to expand to a large raised garden, so… goalz. But Chanelle has me intrigued because she makes her own kombucha (check out her easy-to-follow kombucha tutorial) — both plain and flavored. I’ve never tried kombucha before. Have you? I want to try it!

How to brew kombucha second fermentation

And I do try to choose natural and responsibly grown and produced food whenever possible. I really enjoy noosa yoghurt (with an h) because it’s made on a family farm in small batches using all-natural whole milk from happy cows. There are no GMO’s in their yoghurt and they reclaim all the water they use at their Colorado farm/factory.

I also love noosa’s passion for honey bees and everything they do for their community.

Join noosa’s Cream of the Crop fan club here.

Wear eco-friendly clothing

Look for PFC Free clothing and outdoor gear. Many types of outdoor gear are made with PFCs (perfluorinated chemicals) to make them more water repellent and the chemicals are harmful to the environment, so opt for PFC free whenever you can. One company where you can find PFC Free shell jackets (like the one I’m wearing in the photo) is La Sportiva. They are constantly innovating and refining their product line to lessen environmental impact while still creating the best products.

In addition to PFC Free shell jackets, they carry apparel featuring Bluesign approved fabrics and organic cotton as well as their Eco Series line of climbing shoes made from 98% recycled materials.

What other things are you doing in an effort to continue living an eco-friendly life?

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