LM Animal Farms Bonanza Small Parrot 4lb

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Product Highlight(s): LM Animal Farms Bonanza Bounti-Buffet for Small Parrots (4 lbs.) Parrots require a rich, varied diet of quality seeds, grains, vitamin enriched pellets, fruits, nuts, and veggies. L/M Animal Farms has responded to the dietary needs of your bird by creating Bonanza, a gourmet blend that helps your bird maintain his health and natural color. This gourmet diet is highly palatable. Bonanza Bounti-Buffet is a blend of carefully selected seeds, grains, fruits, and vegetables. It is fortified with vitamins. Packaged in L/M Barrier Loc resealable package that protects freshness and flavor. Please Note: This is the New FormulaSize: 4 Pounds


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