LOOBANI Dog Toys 5 Set丨 Plush Squeaky Toy Stuffed, Durable Knot Chew Toys, Cotton Rope Frisbee, Dispenses Treat Ball Assortment for Small and Medium Dog

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LOOBANI Dog Toys 5 Set丨 Plush Squeaky Toy Stuffed Chew Toys Durable for Small Medium Dog【Value Pack】 Contains 5 toys with different sizes to provide hours and hours pleasure for your lovely pet
【Squeak for Addition Fun】 The unstuffed lion and cute monkey are soft to the touch and built-in squeaker; Provides long-lasting entertainment and less boredom while alone
【Dental Cleaning Care】 100% natural cotton knot lamb good for chewing and teething which meet dog’s nature instinct, could reduce teeth disease and less mess for your house
【Funny Interactive Feeder】 Made by non-toxic material that is safe for pets to play with; Help to increase IQ and form healthy feeding with entertaining sound
【To Make Your Friends Love You More】 Play flying disc no only to exercise your doggy, but also to develop a great relationship with lots of fun


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