Maexus Wireless W-i-i U Controller pro Gamepad for W-i-i U Console – Black

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1. Button and button function description:

1) D-Pad, A, B, X, Y, LS, RS: LX, LY and RX, RY. Control character’s movement and entire screen direction. Can be operated precisely on 360¡ã all-round.

2) HOME button: Short press on it to return to main screen; long press on it to display multiple optional modes.

3) SYNC button: Press on the SYNC button to synchronize the gamepad and Wii U console.

4) RESET button: It is on the back of the gamepad, press on it and wait for 2s to reset the gamepad.

5) POWER button: Long press on it for 5s to power off the gamepad or console.

2. Connecting instruction

1) Press on the POWER button once on a gamepad to check, if the four LED channel indicators don’t flash, it means that the gamepad has no power, please charge the gamepad at first.

2) Power on a Wii U console and connect related devices such as monitor etc.

3) Power on the gamepad by pressing on the POWER button once, the four LED channel indicators will be blinking quickly.

4) First press the red SYNC button on the front of the Wii U console then press the red SYNC button on the back of the gamepad for synchronizing the both. One of the four LED channel indicators will be solid bright in the gamepad, it means that the synchronizing is completed, the gamepad is ready for use.


1) If a gamepad battery can’t be recharged, probably the battery is locked (When a battery drained or idle for a very long period, the battery would be locked automatically for protecting the mother board inside the gamepad). Press on the RESET button once and wait for 2s then charge it again.

2) The charging indicator lights orange during charging, it will be off after fully charged.

3) Unless a gamepad battery needs to be replaced or checked, otherwise please don’t open the battery cover.

This gamepad is compatible with Wii U console, Wii console doesn’t supported.
Built-in with 350mAh lithium battery supporting continuous gaming up to 10 hours under fully charged.
Wireless Bluetooth connection is stable signal without lag or drop within 8m effective control distance.
This gamepad supports the most functions of the original Wii U Pro controller. Not Support Splatoon.
Built-in with one motor supporting vibration force feedback function.


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