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Release Date

World of Warcraft’s latest expansion will be released on August 14, 2018. You can find out more information in this post.

Pre-Purchase Battle for Azeroth

If you pre-purchase the expansion, you’ll get a level 110 boost and gain early access to four Allied Races. The Digital Deluxe Edition comes with various goodies in all Blizzard games except Diablo. Collector’s Edition from local retailers also comes with two novellas and you can read excerpts here.

Game Version


Buy Link

Standard Edition

$49.99 // 44.99 EUR


Digital Deluxe Edition

$69.99 // 59.99 EUR


Pre-Purchase Deal [More Details]

New players that pre-order Battle for Azeroth will get Legion bundled with it for 49.99 USD // 44.99 EUR.

Allied Races

Highmountain Tauren, Lightforged Draenei, Nightborne and Void Elves are four Allied Races that can be unlocked before Battle for Azeroth goes live. Pre-purchasing the expansion won’t unlock them though. They’re gated behind Exalted reputation standing with Legion factions and achievements.

If you boost an Allied Race character to level 110, you won’t be able to receive Heritage Armor.

It’s very likely that Blizzard removes the gating at some point before Battle for Azeroth launch. It would not make much sense having them gated behind old content.

Allied Races Unlock Requirements

Allied Race


Highmountain Tauren

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough + Exalted with Highmountain Tribe 

Lightforged Draenei

You Are Now Prepared! + Exalted with Army of the Light


Insurrection + Exalted with the Nightfallen

Void Elf

You Are Now Prepared! + Exalted with Argussian Reach

Allied Races in Battle for Azeroth

Four Allied Races have been confirmed in Battle for Azeroth so far. The Alliance will be able to unlock Dark Iron Dwarves and Kul Tirans, whereas the Horde can convince Mag’har Orcs and Zandalari Trolls to join the faction. The aforementioned Allied Races will be gated behind Battle for Azeroth content and can’t be unlocked before launch. We learned that Dark Iron Dwarves and Mag’har Orcs will be available first and both Allied Races are now available for playtesting on Alpha.

Dark Iron Dwarf & Mag’har Orcs Overview *NEW*

Kul Tiran & Mag’har Orc Heritage Armor

Kul Tiran Customization Options

Kul Tiran Druid Bear Forms

Kul Tiran Druid Cat Forms

Zandalari Troll Druid Forms

Zandalari Troll Druid Forms Animations

Zandalari Troll Shaman Totems

Azerite Armor

Set bonuses are gone in Battle for Azeroth and the legendary amulet is used to unlock Azerite traits on Azerite Armor. The plan is to introduce three pieces of Azerite Armor to the game – Head, Shoulders & Chest. In this section, you can find a list of Azerite traits that have been added to the game so far.

Azerite Traits Overview (Alpha Build 26476) *NEW*

Azerite Traits Overview (Alpha Build 26433)

Azerite Traits on Battle for Azeroth Alpha (Chest Piece)

Azerite Traits Overview (Alpha Build 26231)

Blue Posts

A collection of blue posts dealing with a variety of subjects in Battle for Azeroth.

Blue Posts Roundup: April 12

Changes to Block in Battle for Azeroth

DPS & HPS Cooldowns on Battle for Azeroth Alpha (Experimental Change)

Build Highlights

Battle for Azeroth is currently in Alpha. We have overviews with creature models, items, and latest changes:

Battle for Azeroth Alpha 26310 Highlights

Battle for Azeroth Alpha Build 26287 Highlights

Battle for Azeroth Alpha Build 26231 Highlights

Battle for Azeroth Alpha Build 26175 Highlights

Battle for Azeroth Alpha Build 26131 Highlights

Battle for Azeroth Alpha Build 26095 Highlights

Battle for Azeroth Alpha Build 25976 Highlights

Battle for Azeroth Alpha Build 26287 Creature Models

Battle for Azeroth Alpha Build 26032 Creature Models

Class Changes

In the latest dev watercooler, Blizzard talked about Class design philosophy in Battle for Azeroth. There’s a new Battle for Azeroth build every week and we keep track of all talent changes here. A detailed overview of every build can be found below:

Alpha Build 26476 Talent Changes *NEW*

Alpha Build 26433 Talent Changes

Alpha Build 26367 Talent Changes

Alpha Build 26310 Talent Changes

Alpha Build 26287 Talent Changes

Alpha Build 26231 Talent Changes

Alpha Build 26175 Talent Changes

Alpha Build 26131 Talent Changes

Alpha Build 26095 Talent Changes

Alpha Build 26032 Talent Changes

Alpha Build 25976 Talent Changes

In addition to that, Hunters can no longer change a Pet’s specialization in Battle for Azeroth.

Customization Options

Articles here deal with additional customization options for existing races.

Change Skin Color in the Barber Shop *NEW*

Golden Eyes Customization Option for Blood Elves

How to Create Upright Orcs

Upright Orcs Overview


Ten new dungeons will be added to the game in Battle for Azeroth. We looked at Dungeon Journal entries and compared item levels of loot rewards after the squish and we started to upload previews of available dungeons on Normal difficulty.

The Underrot

Heart of Azeroth

With the removal of Artifact weapons and traits, all players will receive a Legendary neckpiece called Heart of Azeroth. The main goal is to collect Azerite (Artifact power) and empower it in order to unlock Azerite armor traits. The first set of traits is now available for testing on Battle for Azeroth Alpha.

Heart of Azeroth Explained


Several community websites had the chance to sit down with WoW devs at PAX East 2018 to talk about Battle for Azeroth and we have roundups of their interviews:

Battle for Azeroth Community Interviews Part I

Battle for Azeroth Community Interviews Part II

InvenGlobal Developer Interview

The Starting Zone Interview

Island Expeditions

Plunder uncharted Islands in Battle for Azeroth. The new 3-player dynamic Scenarios come in four difficulties and the goal is to collect 6,000 Azerite before the opposing faction!

Island Expeditions Preview – Un’gol Ruins

Island Expeditions (Official Preview)

Legacy Loot Mode

Personal Loot used in dungeons since Patch 7.3.5 was not well received by transmog collectors. Blizzard is trying to fix it with the introduction of Legacy Loot mode.

Legendary Items in Battle for Azeroth

Nothing has been officially confirmed yet, but there may be at least one Legendary item in Battle for Azeroth. The Legion Legendary system will be abandoned and their effects will no longer work past level 115.


This section contains various articles about lore characters, scenarios and gameplay previews.

Battle for Lordaeron Scenario (Alliance & Horde PoV) *NEW*

The Burning of Teldrassil Intro  *NEW*

The Stormwind Extraction Scenario (Horde Intro)  *NEW*

Zandalar Forever Scenario  *NEW*


If you’re an avid mount collector, Battle for Azeroth will most definitely not disappoint you. Plenty of cool mounts are coming and we covered the following flying/ground mounts so far:

Mounts from Mythic(+) Dungeons *NEW*

Basilisk PvP Mounts

Battle for Lordaeron Faction Mounts

Bee Mounts

Bloodfeaster Mounts

Brutosaur Mount

Clefthoof PvP Mount

Crawg Mounts

Darkhound Mount

Frog Mounts

Goblin Hovercraft Mounts

Hyena Mounts

Parrot Mounts

Proto-drake Mounts

Raptor Mounts

Vulture Mounts

Vicious War Hippo Mount

Mythic Keystone Changes

No huge changes are planned for the Mythic Keystone system. It has been received well in Legion. We datamined some spells related to Mythic Keystone customization and a new (possibly level 10) affix.  Tyrannical & Fortified affixes will be moved to level 2 Keystones to avoid awkward power spikes.

Mythic Keystone Customization

New Mythic Affixes

Pet Battles

In Battle for Azeroth, level of the pets opposing you will scale to the highest level pet on your team. New pet mechanics will be introduced and some existing mechanics will change.

Pet Battle Changes in Battle for Azeroth *NEW*

Profession Changes

Most First Aid recipes have been moved to Tailoring and achievements are now Feats of Strength, hinting at a possible removal of First Aid. An early look at Profession changes and new recipes can be found here.

Racial Nerfs

Every Man for Himself and Arcane Torrent will be nerfed in Battle for Azeroth. You can find more information here.


Game Director Ion Hazzikostas is periodically answering your Battle for Azeroth questions. The latest Q/A was conducted last week.

Battle for Azeroth Live Developer Q/A (April 26) *NEW*

Battle for Azeroth Live Developer Q/A (March 15)

Battle for Azeroth Live Developer Q/A (January 30)


Uldir will be the first raid of the expansion. We previewed early Dungeon Journal entries and found out that Blood God G’huun is the final boss of the raid. In a future raid (probably a Gul’dan equivalent in BfA), we’re going to fight Azshara. 

Uldir Raid Encounters

Uldir Zone Preview & Zek’voz, Herald of N’zoth (Heroic) Testing


Mists of Pandaria is receiving its first Timewalking raid in Battle for Azeroth.

Siege of Orgrimmar Timewalking


Warfronts are 20-player PvE scenarios coming in Battle for Azeroth. The first Warfront was recently enabled for testing on Alpha.

Battle of Stromgarde Warfront Preview *NEW*


Hunters and Warlocks received new spell animations.

Hunter Spell Animations

Warlock Spell Animations

Zone Previews

This section contains zone previews of Kul Tiras and Zandalar.

High-Resolution Maps of Kul Tiras & Zandalar *NEW*

Vol’dun Zone Preview


April 24

The hub has been updated with new links to our latest news and previews and Battle for Azeroth Beta is now live!

April 5

Blizzard revealed the release date of Battle for Azeroth. We also added the latest information to the hub, including Dark Iron Dwarf & Mag’har Orc playable classes, latest talent updates, Azerite traits, and more!

March 26

The hub got updated with a bunch of new articles including new customization options for Blood Elves, talent updates for Alpha Build 26287, new creature models and a post dealing with global cooldowns in Battle for Azeroth.

March 22

A new Alpha Build arrived on Battle for Azeroth Alpha realms. Blizzard added the Dark Iron Dwarf racial mount, two Dwarf Paladin Ram mounts and more!

March 21

We added our preview of Island Expeditions to the website.

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