Master’s Call, Wardruid Loti, Big Bad Voodoo Reveals: Rastakhan’s Rumble – News

We have three reveals from Asia: a Neutral Dragon, the Warrior Loa and a Druid spell!

Crowd Roaster was revealed on Weibo:

We were all waiting to see some Dragons from Rastakhan’s Rumble and here is one. Perhaps Crowd Roaster isn’t as exciting as you’d expect, but it’s still a decent card. It has worse stats than Blazecaller, but damages for more and has the “holding a Dragon” condition instead of the “play an Elemental” one.

The Warrior Legendary Loa was revealed by Ttkp on Weibo.

And here we thought Warrior was going to be all about Dragons this expansion! Akali is a bit of a slower card, but if its Overkill triggers, it can be very powerful. The problem is that it needs more Rush cards support, since Rush Warrior isn’t exactly a top tier deck. It should be noted that Akali can both pull or be pulled by Oondasta.

The last card was revealed by Hearthstone TH.

So, it looks like Druid is going Big Beasts this expansion. This can work as a tutor for Tyrantus, Hadronox, Ultrasaur, the new Ironhide Direhorn and Oondasta. Add all of these in a deck along with Stampeding Roar, Predatory Instincts and Juicy Psychmelon for maximum tutor value and you might actually have something.

Images courtesy of Hearthpwn.

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