Merry Maids Saves the Day! – At Home With Natalie

Last week I had one of the best days!!! Merry Maids came to my rescue! We hosted Thanksgiving this year and with preparing for 17 guests, working, mothering 5 kids and being 21 weeks pregnant…My energy and time are FILLED TO THE BRIM. I was so grateful to be able to pass off a bunch of the house cleaning tasks! I felt so renewed as a mama and ready to take on all of the other things we juggle in family life!

Outsourcing home cleaning is sometimes a touchy subject. I know some moms feel guilty not doing it all themselves but GIRL I’m here to tell you this can be the best YES for you to say.  The emotional value, opening of time in your busy schedule and the peace of mind…are SO WORTH IT. The Merry Maids team was able to do a deep cleaning in my house and I was able to focus on so many other things!
With 5 kids, most of them old enough to do chores, I have my own little team of kiddos to help keep the house clean. But sometimes there are certain jobs that need a little more elbow grease or effort. I loved having some of the bigger jobs, that I normally would do, passed off to the Merry Maids team. They wiped down blinds, cleaned baseboards, scrubbed the microwave and sink, FOLDED MY LAUNDRY! I mean they went above and beyond. I was so impressed and was texting my husband all day how much I loved them. Haha.

If you’ve been considering getting help, in preparation for the Holidays or just to help your day to day mom life, look into Merry Maids! We’ve had cleaning ladies in the past…but I’ll tell you one of the top reasons I love Merry Maids more……. They are a national brand but have local owners and operators. Your local business will have someone come out and do an Estimate and customize the home cleaning and organization services to specifically meet what you need. Denise was so kind when she came to my home and made a great plan with me for cleaning day. She was “my person.” And one thing I always struggled with was telling our last cleaning lady if there was something she missed or it needed more attention. (I know we were paying here but I just felt uncomfortable!) I loved that with Merry Maids, Denise was my person for that if I needed it. We had a great experience with our local Charlotte Merry Maids and there wasn’t a thing that needed more attention! I even had taken before and afters so I could really show you guys how it went… So pleased!

The two young ladies who came were so kind and smiley- They were like my fairy cleaning Godmothers fluttering around the house. haha! All of their team members are required to complete training to be certified to clean your home- so they know their stuff! Merry Maids also offer a Worry-Free Guarantee: if you aren’t happy with the service you can contact the location within 24 hours and someone comes back and takes care of whatever you aren’t happy with!

Visit to find out more and get in touch with your local business. Whether you are looking for someone to routinely help clean (AMEN!) or you are wanting a deep clean before the Holidays (I GET IT!) or you need extra organization help (Who doesn’t??) Merry Maids is a great option!!
So thankful to Merry Maids for Sponsoring Today’s Blog Post and for making my life as a mom so much easier! Can’t rave enough about them.

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