Method M+ Tips, MDI Videos, Dungeon Tools Addon


Both Method teams have made it past the Proving Grounds of the Mythic Dungeon Invitational and got some footage of the runs themselves, but they also got busy making more tips videos to help the rest of us out in our own M+ endeavors. One of Method’s raiders, Nnogga, even went so far as to share the addon they themselves use to help with pull patterns so you always get that killcount right.

Then it’s on to some DPS M+ tips from Mittbitt, after Jdotb’s previous healer video, as usual narrated by Darrie!

And on to the affixes guide:

And finally for the general M+ tips, we have Naowh taking a look at tanks:

And although we’ve seen both incredible solo in-time M+ performances by Mione, as well as the World Record highest runs by various teams, we never really get  good look at a solid, “mid” range fast clear, so let’s take a look at two of the runs fro Method’s NA team from the MDI Proving Grounds:


For even more tips and thoughts on WoW’s hottest PvE activity, you can also check out our huge two-part interview with Method’s NA team.

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