Method's BlizzCon 2019 Interview


Method sat down Lead Game Designer Morgan Day and Game Producer Shani Edwards at BlizzCon to talk about WoW Shadowlands.

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Interview Highlights

  • With the introduction of Corrupted items in Visions of N’Zoth, Blizzard wants to make raiding more attractive.
  • The weekly loot chest changes are there to give players more agency. 
  • Instead of a new class, the team’s focusing on more character customization options this time around.
  • No new race/class combinations are planned for Shadowlands.
  • Party Sync allows players to play together and continue to quest even though they’re level isn’t the same.
  • In Legion, there was too much RNG involved with acquiring Legendaries, in Shadowlands, players will be able to craft their own Legendary items, again, the keyword here is player agency as the overarching theme of the expansion.

    • You will be able to pick the slot and power, maybe even pick the secondary stats you want.
  • We will be able to target specific stats for crafting.

Interview VOD

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