Mighty Clean Baby Disposable Baby Bibs 24 Count (4 bibs per package)

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Our goal is to provide products at a compelling value that are easy to use and really work.
Our products aim to meet the needs of todays on the go parents who want environmentally friendly products.

Comfortable Design and Shape
Our disposable baby bibs are designed for maximum comfort and effective protection from spills and mess.

Adhesive Tabs provide proper fit
Adjustable adhesive tabs are designed to give just the right fit for your little one.

Crumb Catcher pocket helps protect against spills and mess
When the crumb catcher is turned inside out it creates a pouch to protect clothes from wayward food and mess.

Perfect for on the Go
With our slim and re-sealable package design, it easily fits inside any diaper bag or purse.
Comfortable design and shape
Adhesive tabs allow you to customize the fit for your little one
Crumb catcher pocket helps protect against spills and mess
Each unit contains 6 small packages that you can keep in your purse, the car, the diaper bag, or Grandma’s house
Perfect for on the go and parenting from the inside out!


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