Mom And Dad Can’t Figure Out Daughter Is Telling Them She’s Pregnant

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When Rosa found out she was pregnant, she couldn’t wait to tell her parents. According to ViralHog, Rosa and her partner Matt spent four years trying to get pregnant without much success, and her parents were by their side for the whole thing.

Eventually, Rosa and Matt decided to give IVF a try — and Rosa finally got pregnant. Delighted, she decided to surprise her parents with the news by inviting them over for dinner and presenting them with a few pointed clues. But her parents didn’t quite get the hint.

In the video below, Matt hands a pot over to Rosa’s parents at the dinner table. The pot is stuffed with a baby onesie, a bib, and positive pregnancy tests — but the news still goes over her parents’ heads! As Rosa explained to ViralHog, her parents, who are in their 70s, didn’t have their glasses at the table, and didn’t actually know what a pregnancy test looks like.

The confusion is so cute to watch, especially when you see how excited they are once they figure out what Rosa is trying to tell them. I have no doubt Rosa’s mom and dad will be great grandparents when her little baby comes along! Rosa told ViralHog that her parents have been “our greatest fans” throughout the young couple’s IVF journey, so surely they’ll shower their new grandbaby with so much love!

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Photos: ViralHog

CORRECTION: February 15, 2018

An earlier version of this story referred to Rosa’s partner as Mark. His name is Matt.

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