Mom And Dad Reunite Quadruplets After Months In The Hospital

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After a year of struggling to get pregnant, Kaitlin Hartman’s life totally changed. According to WDAF Kansas City, Kaitlin and her husband Josh finally found out that they were pregnant not just with their first child, but with “four little miracles.”

At first, Kaitlin tells WDAF, she thought she was having triplets. But at her second ultrasound, doctors found a fourth little baby, who she says was “hiding back there.” The doctors, Kaitlin, and Josh were all stunned — but Kaitlin knew it was a blessing. She tells WDAF that she and Josh have always wanted a big family, and hoped to have three or four kids one day, they just “never expected it all at once.”

Kaitlin gave birth to her “four little miracles” on November 17, 2017. She and Josh now have three daughters and one son: Teagan, Ainsley, Sadie and Braylon.

The four Hartman babies had to spend some time in the neonatal care unit before they were able to come home. On her blog, 4everblessed, Kaitlin wrote that she and Josh were able to “move” home from the hospital after 12 weeks, but the babies had to stay under medical care. They went back to visit their little ones every day, until Teagan, Ainsley, and Braylon were finally able to come home after about three months, according to WDAF.

Little Sadie had to stay behind in the hospital, where she still is today. But on Valentine’s Day 2018, Kaitlin and Josh decided to stage a little family reunion at the hospital. In the video below, you can see the adorable first time all four Hartman siblings reunite after three left the hospital.

Kaitlin and Josh don’t know for sure when Sadie will be able to come home, but they say she’s in good hands at the hospital. Hopefully, she’ll get to be home with her siblings soon, though!

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Photos: 1, 2 Instagram / hartmanquads; WDAF Kansas City

Footage provided by WDAF Kansas City 

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