Mom Calling For Change After Her Son Is Sent To Principal’s Office For ‘Emerging Hole’ In Jeans

We’ve seen a lot of insane dress code regulations in the past few years as students fight back against unfair practices, but this one might take the cake. When Lori Ann Orr’s son was sent home from school because of a dress code violation, she was baffled. Ethan Orr, a student at Laurens Middle School in South Carolina, was sent to the principal’s office after a dress code inspection determined that his jeans were not appropriate.

Lori received a call from the school stating that she had to either bring Ethan a different pair of pants or take him home. Lori still didn’t understand how her son, who left the house in jeans, could be violating any school dress code. She learned the problem was a hole in his pants. Upon taking a closer look at her son’s pants, there was no hole present. There was just a slightly frayed area — normal wear and tear — but definitely no hole. The school wouldn’t budge on its stance, so she took to Facebook to share the situation with other parents.

Lori Ann Orr was shocked to receive a call from her son’s school regarding a dress code violation.

Ethan is a student at Laurens Middle School in South Carolina, where he was sent to the principal’s office for having a hole in his jeans.

These are the jeans Ethan got in trouble for wearing. As you can see, there’s an area of fraying, but it’s by no means a hole.

Lori took to Facebook to share her outrage at her son’s treatment by school officials. She even posted a video in which her son is wearing the jeans and moving around. Still, no hole is apparent. She later explained the school referred to it as an “emerging hole.”

She later posted a video in which she asks Ethan to describe the dress code inspection process. He explained that students are asked to turn around so their clothes can be inspected. Anyone with imperfections is sent out of the classroom to the principal’s office, which was understandably embarrassing for Ethan.

Lori wasn’t the only parent with an ongoing issue with the school about alleged dress code violations.

Many were frustrated that not only the did school’s policy seem so unreasonable but it also involved the embarrassment of students in the process.

Many people were also concerned that all the fuss over dress code was distracting from children’s education, which is what students are there to focus on.

While the school pointed out that Lori was given the option to bring her son a new pair of pants at school or pick him up, Lori had good reason to pick him up. Lori does laundry at a relative’s house. Of the clean clothes she had available to her, none would meet the standards of the school.

Lori wasn’t looking to pick a fight with the school or the district with her post, but she was frustrated. Ethan had been written up for clothing imperfections several times. As a family struggling to make ends meet, it’s impossible to constantly buy new clothes to meet the school’s standards. Lori felt that the policy targeted low-income students and families unfairly.

Many people were touched by Lori and Ethan’s story. She received an outpouring of support and also offers to assist her family.

While Lori appreciated the support and the offers, she didn’t want to obscure the message she was trying to send by accepting gifts or donations. For her, it was about the bigger message of not targeting low-income students who are already at an educational disadvantage in many situations.

The school reconsidered its position and decided to amend its dress code so that naturally worn-in clothing would be accommodated.

Lori is very happy with the decision and with knowing that by speaking out on her son’s behalf, she was able to save other students and families from similar humiliation and frustration.

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