Mom Posts Video Of Pregnant Belly With Twins Vs Carrying One And The Difference Is Staggering

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Natalie Bennett had a pair of adorable twin boys when she began documenting her second pregnancy on YouTube. Her pregnancy with multiples was considered high-risk, just like many women carrying multiples, so the second time around was a much different experience.

This time, Natalie was carrying one baby instead of two.

In the video below, the heavily pregnant mom describes what life is like just weeks before her due date.

“I think overall the fact that my twins pregnancy was my FIRST pregnancy really took a toll on my body,” she said. “My torso had never stretched out before, my hips had never widened, my ribs never expanded to their limit and my back had never supported that much extra weight. My body’s reaping the benefits of having been stretched before.”

To show how the body changes with a twin pregnancy verses pregnancy with a single child, Natalie posted a fascinating video comparison at 36 weeks pregnant. And the most staggering and obvious difference is the size of her belly.

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