Mom Says Petri Dish Of Breast Milk Is ‘Proof Boobs Are Magical’

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Breastfeeding has been in the media a lot over the past few years. We’ve primarily seen mothers making statements about breastfeeding their babies in public.

Moms have started taking control of their own bodies, and strangers have had problems with that.

Unfortunately, that means that we’ve seen a lot of negative news about breastfeeding. This is sad, because breastfeeding is a beautiful and wonderful thing.

Although not all mothers can nurse their babies, for those that can, it can be an incredible way to bond with a newborn.

And that’s not even the most amazing thing about breastfeeding. Breast milk is a magical substance. Just take a look at this mom whose breast milk changed when her baby got sick!

One of the most incredible things about breast milk is that it has healing properties. That’s right, breastfeeding can give your baby a stronger immune system, explains the Cleveland Clinic.

Check out mom Jessica Wilson’s post about breast milk below to find out why she says “boobs are magical.”

Photo: Facebook / Jessica Wilson

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On February 20, 2018, Jessica turned to Facebook to share a picture of two petri dishes.

Within just six days, her post had over 14,000 reactions and over 12,000 shares.

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Jessica, a biology student with a 17-month-old son, wrote:

My science project investigation results: 2 plates of Micrococcus luteus, 4 assay disks on each, the left is disks soaked in breast milk, the right is disks soaked in formula.

petri dishes

As you can see the clear circles around the disks is where the breast milk has fought off the bacteria and nearly cleared the plate, the formula on the other hand has had no effect and the bacteria has completely over run the plate, even moving the disks. 

baby nursing

Proof boobs are magical and breast really is best!

Be proud of what your giving your babies.

mom baby

Moms everywhere were blown away by Jessica’s post.

One woman wrote: “Omg! This is a perfect example to give health education to pregnant and postnatal women (or to both parents).”

Another woman wrote: “That’s pretty phenomenal. Kind of makes it worth all the hassle, huh?”

Breastfeeding isn’t easy for everyone, so this is an important post for struggling mamas who need a reminder that they’re doing a great job.

baby bottle

Of course, many commenters also pointed out that not all moms can breastfeed, and that’s a good thing to bring up.

Some moms are not able to nurse for any number of physical, mental, or emotional reasons — and that’s OK!

baby son

Yes, breast milk is incredible, but it isn’t the only option out there.

While breast milk can help improve babies’ immune systems, it doesn’t mean that babies who don’t nurse can’t be perfectly healthy.

mom kissing baby

Moms can also boost their children’s immune systems by sharing good bacteria through cuddling, kissing, and hugging.

Jessica’s post is a great reminder that breast milk is amazing, and she’s just trying to help breastfeeding women feel unashamed about nursing.

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