Momsense Baby Breastfeeding Monitor New 2018- 24+24 extra stickers & extended warranty: Smartphone App for Tracking, Monitoring, and Lactation Recording Meter with Earset and Baby Sensor with Stickers

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NURSE YOUR BABY WITH CONFIDENCE: Only the MOMSENSE SMART BREASTFEEDING MONITOR tells you how much your baby has nursed and can track the quantity on an ongoing basis, plus it allows you to hear your infant’s swallows; the product comes with a downloadable smartphone app, white earbuds, matching white baby sensor with reusable stickers, and user manual in a gift box ready for giving
TRACK QUANTITY OF MOTHER’S MILK: Enjoy peace of mind knowing exactly how much breastmilk is being swallowed by your nursing baby with the MOMSENSE BABY METER; track not only how long your baby feeds but also which breast and how many ounces are consumed; the non-medical device app includes a feeding diary with complete nursing reports; document weight and upload photos showing growth
EASY TO SET UP AND USE: Simply add the MOMSENSE APP to your Android 4.2 or iOS8 or higher smartphone, set it to Airplane Mode, plug in the Earset (compatible with iPhone7 or higher), place the Baby Sensor beneath your child’s earlobe with one of the 24 easy-peel-off stickers, and start listening to your infant’s swallowing as the monitor tracks the animation on the phone; it works best without a nipple shield
SAFE AND RELIABLE: With the MOMSENSE INFANT NURSING TRACKER, its proven patented-edge technology is 100% safe; when placing your phone in Airplane mode, no emissions or radiation can harm you or your baby while nursing; watch the pulsing monitor and hear sucking and swallowing as the ounces are monitored; keep track of breasts separately, use with twins, or share with a guest baby
GUARANTEED WARRANTY: Buy directly from the manufacturer on Amazon! We strive to provide you with the highest quality product so offer a 1-year warranty from date of purchase; buy with confidence the risk-free MOMSENSE BABY BREASTFEEDING MONITOR, complete with an integrated App with QR Code, Earset, Baby Sensor with 48 reusable Stickers, and Instructions; it makes a thoughtful and appreciated baby shower gift


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