More Azerite Talk, Missing Hotfix Notes: Sep 28th Blue Posts


We have more chatter coming from the community managers on two major topics: the now long ongoing discussion on the Azerite trait system and, perhaps even more interestingly, on how the hotfix post isn’t always up to date and some hotfixes never get mentioned, as well as the fact that updates to the post itself aren’t always noted on social media etc. We also get an update on some additional tuning of the Endtime dungeon.

We already covered the first blue post below in an update to the previous roundup, but we’ll repost it here in case you missed it. You can also check out the previous installments of the Azerite trait saga here.

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Holy hell this thread went places. Okay, couple quick things:

1) I’ve mentioned elsewhere that we’re looking at Azerite armor availability. 3 weeks into a raid tier/mythic+ season is a bit early to make hard conclusions of how difficult it will be to acquire alternate sets over the next few months. But we’re hearing that feedback and keeping a close eye on it. Availability in mythic+ particularly is a regular topic of conversation. I’ve talked about that before so I won’t rehash everything here, but we’re looking into it.

2) I noticed a few posts that seemed to believe that Azerite traits are randomized when a piece drops. They’re not; each piece of gear has a preset assortment of traits to choose from. Most of y’all seem to understand that already, I just wanted to toss it out there for anyone who may not.

Posted by Fiascoh
If I wanted to play brewmaster or mistweaver right now, I would be significantly better off by making a 2nd monk. Is this really the design you were going for?

Not at all, and I’m curious why you feel that’s the case. It isn’t in my experience as someone who is currently playing a tri-spec monk.

As a quick aside: I understand and appreciate that many of you are frustrated about the system. That’s why I’m here – to get a better understanding of what exactly is frustrating people so I can present that feedback to the development team.

Step 1 of that process is explaining what our viewpoint is so that you guys can present counter-arguments. If your response to that explanation is to roll your eyes and make snarky comments about how dumb I am, that’s fine, but it’s really not helping make the game any better.

I get the need to vent, but if y’all could keep the personal attacks and memes to a minimum that’d make it a hell of a lot easier for me to actually help make the video game more fun for you.

Thank you to everyone making the effort to discuss this in a constructive manner. Rest assured that I’m taking all of your feedback to heart. I’ve got a great list of discussion points and arguments to make on your behalf the next time I meet with the development team.

There’s a number of good points raised in this thread that I haven’t responded to yet simply because I haven’t had a chance to talk to the devs about them. And, for full transparency, it’s going to be a few days before I can. In the meantime, keep making good points and I’ll keep taking notes.

And as for “this conversation should have happened during beta,” you’re right. It should have. I’m sorry it didn’t.

And then we have the interesting topic of hotfixes and their prominence:

Blizzard LogoMissing Hotfix Communication, Prominence (source)

Posted by Sorelai
The Twitter post isn’t even updated daily. Even the Hotfix notes are hidden. No link on the World of Warcraft front page. No updates on the forums. No link in the Launcher.

We always update the same location for hotfixes. It’s usually always in the News section.

As for updating on the Twitter thread with the hotfixes tweets, my personal feel is that it would becomes a little too cluttered if I did it for every hotfix update as it always just links to the same place. If you guys want me to put those in there I will start throwing those in.

Posted by Preferred
Personally I’d like fixes, or adjustments to be noted. One example is last week teeming Atal’Dazar had an extra pull of 2 colossi on the southern route. However when I did it later in the week that entire pull was removed. Going in I had no idea that that had changed, so it threw my mob % all out of whack.

Yeah I’m not sure why that wasn’t noted to be quite honest. We did make some tuning changes with Teeming last week. It was mainly centered around removing some extra packs as some of the density was a little high.

09/27/2018 03:23 PMPosted by Shenhua
Hi, I ran end time with my friends last night with discord and can comfortably say without a doubt, it was the worst, badly designed endtime run we’ve ever done. No it is not fixed with the recent hotfixes.

We did some tuning for it a few days ago, and it received another pass again that was applied earlier today. We’ve now made the following changes to it:
Both Murazond and the Ghouls in the Sylvanas encounter have had their health significantly reduced.
We also went through and greatly reduced the damage and health of many creatures and spells as well in End Time.

09/27/2018 03:22 PMPosted by Sorelai
It is supposed to be a link to all Twitter communication. Even if the information is in the hotfix notes eventually, the conversations are useful.

Noted! I’ll start throwing them in there as well then.

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