Multiple Income Streams From Super Power Hypnosis Products

Multiple Income Streams From Super Power Hypnosis Products

[ Multiple Income Streams From Super Power Hypnosis Products

Direct from Tim Phizackerley (creator of PSTEC™)”How to Explode Your Therapy Earnings with Product Sales.”

Hypnosis products sell. And whether you’re a complete newbie or an expert YOU can sell them. It’s quite easy to do and there’s lots of demand. I’m going to show you how. In fact people really enjoy buying hypnosis products because it’s always so exciting to discover what’s in them.

Here is just some of what you’re going to get here:How to make money with your own range of hypnosis recordings
How to produce hypnosis recordings with “real power”
How to build your suggestions
How to change beliefs in simple easy ways that actually work
How to structure your recordings
How to induce the correct state
How to deepen on audio
How to use pacing for maximum effect
How to speak to hypnotise
How to avoid the biggest and most costly common mistakes
How to put it all together step by step.
How to get studio quality sound at home, with cheap equipment!
How to create downloadable audio
How to format your files
How to create audio CDs
How and where to sell your products
How to package your products ready for sale
Easiest ways to get sales
How to determine the optimum price for each product
The secrets of easy upsells
How to retain customers and create loyal buyers
Important legal considerations
How and when to get testimonials
How the software tools you absolutely MUST know about will help you
How to print CDs in bulk at home
How to get other people to sell your products for you
How to automate your entire sales process
How listings and titling can get more people to BUY
How to add value
How descriptions make a difference to sales
How to create even more products by using “reverse sentence” hypnosis (scripts included)
Scripts and clear spoken examples included to help you
More resources
How other niches can boost your profits
Ready made package included for you to sell
And much much more…

I know you haven’t download this yet, so perhaps the best way to give you a taste of what this will be like for you is to read what other people think of it. (See the user feedback below)

You’re going to get more than 4 hours of highly detailed material from an Internationally recognised expert who already sells thousands of dollars of products every single month.

Fact: As long as you’re not completely bone idle, you really can create and sell your own hypnosis products with relative ease. In fact I’ll show you how to sell them in large volumes. Sure it will take you some time to set it all up, but I’m going to show you how and I’ll take you through this step by step. Enjoy… Tim Phizackerley
Creator of PSTEC™

Multiple Income Streams From Super Power Hypnosis Products