My best friend Ariel♥

Today is a very sad day my friends, my sweet Ariel of almost 15 years has made her way to the Rainbow Bridge where she is running free and not suffering anymore. 
The past few weeks she has been failing fast and when I brought her to the vet today, she had lost 7 pounds since December and she was very frail.  She also had a hard time standing in one spot, her hind legs looked like they were going to collapse and I felt sad for her because she looked so uncomfortable.   So as I stayed with her and kept telling her that I loved her and she will be fine, she just fell asleep and honestly she looked like an angel, very peaceful.
I know she is having fun with all the others that have passed before her and in my heart, even though she is not with me anymore, I trust that she is happy again and she won’t have to worry about falling or not understanding why she couldn’t sleep at night if she was pacing in the dark. 
I hope you enjoy these pictures.  She was a good girl. 

Being regal.

The queen.
Napping with friends.
Trying her studious look!

Her time spent at the Royal wedding.

Buffy took good care of her at the end.
Enjoying the spring.    

I’ll miss you, Ariel♥

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