My Secret Hacks for Saving Money at Dollar General

The following reader tip is from Heidi of Heidi Naturally

I’ve found a way to save money with this Dollar General hack so we never have to pay full price again. We actually save 20% every time we buy toilet paper and other necessary items!

Extreme couponing used to be more popular, but even on my best couponing days I rarely saved much on paper products. Now I’ve found a way to not have to clip coupons or spend a lot of time planning my 20% off haul.

Here’s how we do it.

Dollar General Hack Step by Step:

1. Get the Dollar General app on your phone and click on “Digital Coupons” OR go to your local Dollar General store and spend at least $5.

This should print a $5 off $25 coupon on your receipt for you to use on the next Saturday. Our local store has been offering this every week for a couple of years, but I’m not sure what the policy is in your area. It’s worth checking out and using the system I am going to outline for you.

2. Go to the store on the designated date (with your printed or digital coupon) and choose whatever you need in the store.

I like to get this as close to $25 on the dot for the best savings.

3. Use any manufacturer or digital Dollar General coupons as well.

The app is very easy to navigate. You just click on “Digital Coupons” and click on the “+” sign next to any product coupons you might want to use. These coupons come off your purchase when you log in on the keypad at checkout.

If you don’t use the coupon it’s no big deal, so choose any and all coupons you think you might use so they are ready for you.

4. Remember that any coupons or sales come off first.

The $5 off $25 coupon won’t register if coupons take you below the $25 threshold. So make sure you figure out your total BEFORE you get to the checkout lane.

Or just have an extra item on hand to buy if you happen to figure wrong or don’t want to have to calculate your total.

This is such a great deal because you could actually buy an item on sale, use a manufacturer coupon, and still be able to qualify this product in the $5 off $25 deal. This works for clearance items too!

5. Choose any products in the store.

The best thing about this Dollar General hack is that it can be used for almost anything they sell. You can use this coupon for toilet paper, clearance items, produce, groceries, paper towels, tissues, laundry products, personal care products, towels, candy, gifts, and more.

All products in the store except gift cards, phone cards, pre-paid financial cards, prepaid wireless handsets, Rug Doctor rentals, propane, e-cigarettes, tobacco, and alcoholic beverages are eligible for these savings!

More Savings Tips

At our store, when I pay for these products, a new $5 off $25 store coupon prints on my receipt almost every time!!

So I technically don’t have to go back into the store again until the next Friday or Saturday when I can use my big coupon again.

Obviously, the key to the greatest savings is to stay as close to the $25 purchase as possible, but even if you spend $30, that’s still a 17% savings with this coupon.

I hope this post helps you see all the saving possibilities you can take advantage of at your local Dollar General store.

I love this store because it’s small and carries just about anything that the big box stores carry in less space. I know I can be in and out of there in just a few minutes with exactly what I need!

Heidi Johnson is an author, teacher, and reader of anything healthy or time-saving. She’s on a mission to help busy families make healthy choices in all aspects of life. Grab her free Healthy Living Checklist at Heidi Naturally.

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