MyLine Baby PlayMat_Fruit Garden/Train ABC-Extra Thick

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The play mat uses food grade material(XPE) which is very safe and Non-toxic to baby. Babies can play safely on the floor. The superb cushioning prevents children from injuries when falling down. In addition, the cushioning is also effective to absorb noise as they run over the house. The mat is easily filled with crumbs and dust since babies drop and spill carelessly while eating and play. However, when using the play mat, cleaning is so simple. All you need to do is wipe off the mat with a wet towel. Cold and solid floor is not good for babies’ skin, which is very sensitive to their atmosphere. The play mat intercepts cold air from floor. Also embossing techniques used on mats keep babies’ skin comfortable and soft. It is scientifically proven that primary colours help babies’ visual development The double-sided design features fun and colorful characters, letters and numbers which stimulate baby’s brain in developing optical and emotional health. A hard-wearing weaved tape is sewn onto carpet edge creating a neat piping effect. This is multipurpose mats which you can use in your kids room, play room, or living room.Pass U.S. CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) inspection
Made with the newest technology. Hygienic, Non-toxic (Food Grade Material), and absolutely no smell
Soft, slip resistant. Prevent baby from hard floor surfaces
WaterProof and easy to clean. Keep baby away from bacteria, germs, and bugs
Educational mats with stimulating and vibrant colors, characters, letters and number


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