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WoW Classic will not be for everyone and the goal is to deliver the most authentic Vanilla experience. There will be zero crossover of rewards between Classic and Retail versions of the game, but the team may explore adding Collector’s Edition pets to those, who purchased the original Collector’s Edition.

If you’ve purchased the original CE of the game, you were able to choose one of the following pets:

Diablo Stone

Panda Collar

Zergling Leash

Now, those rewards still exist on Retail, and Classic should be treated as a totally different game, but it is an interesting idea to hand them to Collector’s Edition buyers in Classic, what do you think? Here we have the latest blue posts dealing with WoW Classic, rewards crossover, and more.

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Mounts and companions you get in classic SHOULD NOT be usable across multiple characters on the same classic account, however, you should be able to have these rewards in retail. This will increase the longevity of classic.

Like it was stated at BlizzCon there will be no crossover in rewards between Retail WoW and Classic WoW. I don’t think there is any need to change that stance but I appreciate the post OP.

I think its fair to ask for an opportunity to earn those rewards again however I don’t think it should come at the cost of diminishing the rewards that players earned years ago and cherish. I think the opportunity to earn and have them exclusively on Classic is fair because its staying on Classic itself. I think any more crossover than that could be damaging and lessen the value or prestige of those rewards.

It’s a pretty solid philosophy at the moment that there will be zero crossover of rewards.

What about the original Collector’s Edition pets? Surely that’s a different case. Nothing else is like that and it would be a cool little tip of the hat to those who got the original collector’s edition (which isn’t many people).

This is something interesting but nothing decided or concrete on it.

I would try to seperate in your mind retail and classic. Something you buy on retail shouldn’t give you something in Classic, or vice versa. The philosophy is pretty rock solid that they are separate gameplay wise. If you obtained the original CE pets you used those/can still use those in the live game you obtained it for.

It is an interesting thought though, that to some that did have it, that was a part of their classic experience. It’s likely we won’t implement something that ties into the existing things you own on the live game, but maybe reoffer them since Classic is it’s own thing. Before the fury of that statement sinks in, I’m not saying that will happen at all (there literally hasn’t even been a discussion of it), just sharing my thoughts on a solution to that problem that I could see.

This also could be an exception where we somehow grant them for original CE owners. No idea. Interesting thing to think about though. I’ll mention it though that you guys are asking about the original CE pets for original CE owners.

But token purchases in retail are going to have an effect on Classic.

Eh that’s not really the same thing but I get your point. I’d argue that they’re still not connected even with that. Just having a subscription allows you to play the game. It doesn’t get you anything past that.

If things were sold like pets or mounts then you could make that argument, but I don’t think it has any merit when you’re just talking about the sub.

Literally one of two reasons I’d ever consider doing Classic just shot down instantly. You know that thing that’s used to keep people playing? You guys are just throwing it away. Seems very silly.

Sorry you feel this way but if that’s what you were hoping for then it sounds like Classic isn’t really for you. That’s okay though. I still encourage you to try it though!

It’s not throwing it away, its giving the community that wants Classic the most authentic experience we can provide. Adding any sort of reward carry over in either direction isn’t authentic and defeats the point.

Classic is there for those that will want to play it. Not just for rewards on their BfA license, which would be devaluing to those that earned those rewards that are no longer obtainable, and vice versa would be introducing things that were never there in Classic to begin with. Neither of which we want to do in this case. We know the community that has been asking for Classic for years doesn’t want either of those scenarios, and neither do we.

“We” as in Blizzard developers? Or “We” as in the Activision-Blizzard accountants responsible for making financially viable decisions?

I speak for World of Warcraft. When I saw “we” I mean the WoW team.

Refer to my post above- I really would play Classic, for years, if there was a guaranteed way to get the Black Scarab mount as an end goal. I wouldn’t be able to play BfA for years, nor would I want to.

I would imagine you could earn that in Classic. It would stay in Classic though given what we’ve stated already about it.

No, it really doesn’t. Blizzard said they could make an EXCEPTION.

Honestly, I would have the expectation that you won’t get them in Classic just because you already own them. That license was to have them in the current game, which you still do.

I can’t 100% say it will or won’t but it’s less than likely, meaning it’s not really something to argue about on the forums.

Assume Retail and Classic are two separate games entirely (apart from the sub granting access to both) unless we announce otherwise.

Good to know that classic server’s are going to be dead, with no reward linking and little incentive to actually play classic.

Then you don’t want Classic. Classic itself is the incentive.

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