Mythic Eternal Palace Review by Sanghelios from Limit

Comment by vncnt

on 2019-08-22T03:28:21-05:00

Quite nice writeup mate! Its nice to get some insights from a top tier raider without qq & offensive blame (:

Comment by Jaigar

on 2019-08-22T06:41:18-05:00

I don’t agree on Ashvane. I think Ashvane had some really bad design elements in it. It was obvious that they intended the bubbles to be soaked by the raid increasing the raid damage throughout the fight, but it just became easier to have a 3rd tank just soak them all because the damage ramps up so quickly. Also, the DPS check is so tight you have to drop to 3 healers. I don’t think having to reduce your healers because the damage check is so high is a good thing.r
Hell, my old server, Cho’gall, just got their 2nd guild killing Ashvane this week, a month after release. I’m not sure what tuning level is acceptable here. Player skill is so stratified in WoW that its not an easy answer.

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