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Visions of N’Zoth is Battle for Azeroth’s final major content patch, where we take the battle to N’Zoth himself and visit Ny’alotha. Our hub covers everything you need to know about Patch 8.3 and helps you stay on track if you haven’t been playing the game for a while.

Patch 8.3 Release Date

Blizzard revealed after BlizzCon that Patch 8.3 will go live in January 2020.

Game Director Ion Hazzikostas talked about Visions of N’Zoth in the latest Content Preview on October 7. We learned pretty much everything about the new patch, and in the following section, you’re going to find its main features:


Invasions return to the game once more, and this time, they’re called Assaults. The Vale of Eternal Blossoms and Uldum will be periodically under assault by N’Zoth’s forces, and your goal is to drive them back by completing quests and interacting with various objectives to complete the “emissary.” Blizzard uses technology and everything they’ve learned from Mechagon and Nazjatar in this new iteration of Assaults to ensure dynamic replayability. Assaults are mandatory if you want to enter Horrific Visions.

Initial Preview of Assaults in Visions of N’Zoth

Horrific Visions

Described as alternate realities where N’Zoth’s power is ascendant, these are 1-5 player “scenarios” of Stormwind and Orgrimmar, where you need to complete various objectives for rewards. Horrific Visions revolve around a new mechanic called Sanity, which starts draining as soon as you enter a Horrific Vision. Your goal is to complete as many side objectives as possible and defeating the mini-boss before your Sanity is completely depleted.

To help you with that, we’ve got Wrathion with a new Legendary Cloak and a Titanic Research Archive for Horrific Visions with perks that gradually trivialize the feature.

Ny’alotha, the Waking City

We will be facing N’Zoth in Ny’alotha, the new twelve-boss raid located in Uldum. It comes with a raid skip quest after you defeat the first boss and new sets up for grabs:

Ny’alotha Cloth Sets Preview

Ny’alotha Leather Sets Preview

Ny’alotha Mail Sets Preview

Ny’alotha Plate Sets Preview

You can check out N’Zoth’s real size here.

We’ve also covered the continuation of the story in Patch 8.3 and what happens in the raid in the articles below:

New Forsaken Leadership in Patch 8.3 (Spoilers)

Azshara’s Bargain and the Key to Defeating N’Zoth (Spoilers)

I’lgynoth’s Whispers in Patch 8.3 (Analysis)

Tyrande Whisperwind VO (Patch 8.3)

N’Zoth’s in-game model has been updated multiple times.

Rewards Updates

Visions of N’Zoth comes with two new factions, six new Essences, a brand new Mythic Season, a new Seasonal affix, Profession updates, and more that we’ll cover soon. On top of that, Essences from Mechagon and Nazjatar will be easier to acquire for alts.

Heart of Azeroth will have a new Minor slot, two Stamina nodes, the maximum level increased to 85 (was 70). Coming in a later PTR update, Blizzard will be adding an infinite progression slot to aid you against N’Zoth’s corruption at max level.

New Allied Races: Vulpera & Mechagnomes

Another pair of Allied Races will become available in Visions of N’Zoth. Alliance players will be able to recruit Mechagnomes, and their Horde counterpart are the Vulpera of Vol’dun.

Official Mechagnomes & Vulpera Preview

Mechagnomes & Vulpera Racials

Mechagnomes & Vulpera Unlock Requirements

Vulpera Heritage Armor Preview

Mechagnome Heritage Armor Preview

Mechagnome & Vulpera Dance Animations

Vulpera Tidbits: Racial Mount, Shaman Totems, Hunter Pet

New Heritage Armor: Goblins & Worgen

Goblins and Worgen received new models and animations in Patch 8.2.5, but no Heritage Armor, which is added in Patch 8.3.

Goblin & Worgen Heritage Armor Sets Preview

Auction House Overhaul

The Auction House will be completely revamped. No more lag caused by the system being clogged with single stacks. Stackable items are no longer purchased or sold in stacks; copper is no longer displayed in the Auction House, but used for calculations. If you regularly forget the name of goods, you can create a shopping list, and more!

Auction House Revamp Preview

The Removal of Titanforging

Ion teased the removal of Titanforging in Patch 8.3 through something more “twisted and corrupt.” We found some interesting Corrupted Rings from Ny’alotha with various Kiss/Curse Effects.

Based on datamining and game assets, we found out that 8.3 items have a +Corruption stat and based on your Corruption level come various side effects which can be cleansed.

Corrupted Items (Benthic-like Effects)

Corrupted Items and Corruption (Titanforging Alternative) Explained

Corrupted Items in Patch 8.3 (Official Preview)

Class Changes

No patch would be complete without some class changes, and you can find all class changes planned for Visions of N’Zoth here.

Allied Race & Pandaren Death Knights

We found encrypted sound files of Bolvar and Mograine together with Death Knight creature textures for Allied Races and the Pandaren, and new Death Knight Swords of the Ebon Blade.

It was confirmed at BlizzCon that all races will be able to roll Death Knights in Patch 8.3. The new Allied Races Death Knights will have a slightly updated starting experience similar to intros of Allied Races.

Mythic Season 4 Season

A brand new Season awaits in Visions of N’Zoth and players will be able to earn a title and a mount!

New Mythic Season 4 Achievements & Rewards

Quaking Affix Changes

New Mounts

As usual, with every content update, multiple mounts are coming with placeholder descriptions, sources, and whatnot.

Alpaca Mounts – Presumably, new reputation mounts available for purchase at Exalted.

Chalcedony Cloud Serpent – A new recolor of the existing serpent, possibly tied to the Assault on Vale.

N’Zoth Serpent – New Stormsong Valley Rare Mount from the Adherent of the Abyss.

Aqir Flying Mount – Mythic N’Zoth mount, maybe?

Ny’alotha Allseer – Ahead of the Curve reward?

Island Expedition Vendors

In Patch 8.3, you will be able to purchase Island-specific and Invasion-specific crates for Dubloons.

New Dubloon Vendors Selling Island Expedition and Invasion Crates

3 New World Bosses

Blizzard is adding three new world bosses to the game, which drop item level 445 loot.


Other minor things planned for Patch 8.3 include:

A new PvP event where players can serve N’Zoth, similar to Talon’s Vengeance.

Heroic difficulty for the Darkshore Warfront.

Division of Operation: Mechagon into two wings, each with Heroic and Mythic Keystone difficulties.

Darkmoon Arcade, allowing you to play your favorite mini-games at the Darkmoon Faire.

Deepwind Gorge updated to be a capture point map.

New Battle Pets and Pet Battle Dungeon – Blackrock Depths.

New Story Quests: Rise of N’Zoth

…and more! We’ll be periodically updating this hub with more details!

Vision of N’zoth is the final major content patch of BfA, and here’s our hub with everything you need to know.

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