Mythrax the Unraveler Uldir Raid Boss Preview with FatbossTV

In today’s Uldir preview, Fatboss is highlighting Mythrax the Unraveler — the seventh boss of Uldir. Players will fight Mythrax in the Chamber of Corruption.

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Players must manage their Annihilation stacks throughout the fight. These stacks reduce the maximum health of players but can be offset by collecting Existence Fragment. Mythrax is a two-phase encounter that rotates every 25%.

Since the last time this was tested, the boss has been redesigned slightly with changes to the Existence Fragment orbs but they did have some comments. Due to the bosses tank mechanic, Essence Shear, it’s a really cool idea to have your raid intentionally get hit by mechanics in order to summon Existence Fragment for your tank. In addition, healers are relatively bored in Phase 2 currently with the lack of damage in that phase other than the tanks.



  • Overview: Mythrax’s abilities will trigger [Annihilation], reducing players’ maximum health. When [Annihilation] triggers, there is a chance that an [Existence Fragment] will spawn, allowing the player or her allies to regain that previously lost maximum health.
    • Tanks:

    • DPS:


    • Existence Fragment: Spawns an Existence Fragment near a player who recently gained a stack of Annihilation.
      Touching an Existence Fragment will consume the fragment and remove 2 stacks of Annihilation.
  • Stage One: Oblivion’s Call

    • Essence Shear: Inflicts 45 Shadow damage instantly, and applies 16 stacks of Annihilation to targets in a 30 yard cone in front of the caster.
      Players struck by Essence Shear will not generate new Existence Fragments when suffering stacks of Annihilation for 25 sec.
    • Obliteration Wave: Slams the ground, causing a cascading wave of void energy to fly out from the caster. Players struck by the wave suffer 38 Shadow damage and 8 stacks of Annihilation.
    • Oblivion Sphere: Summons an Oblivion Sphere near an enemy. The Oblivion Sphere charms all allies within 5 yards.
      While charmed, victims suffer 20 Shadow damage and gain 1 stacks of Annihilation every 2 sec until the sphere is destroyed or its victims are knocked away from the sphere’s influence.
    • Imminent Ruin: Up to 2 enemies are subjected to Imminent Ruin, suffering 6 Shadow damage every 2 sec for 12 sec. Each tick of Imminent Ruin reduces the target’s movement speed by 15%.
      On expiration, Imminent Ruin explodes, adding 4 stacks of Annihilation to targets within 12 yards. The explosion also inflicts 30 Shadow damage to all players. This damage is reduced the further away players are from the blast, up to a maximum of 45 yards.
    • Living Weapon: Mythrax commands Xalzaix to fly to a player’s location, inflicting 35 Shadow damage to all targets within 8 yards on arrival. (Mythic)
      • Devour Existence: Xalzaix devours nearby life force in a constantly expanding area, inflicting 5 Shadow damage to players in the area. Existence Fragments that enter the area are destroyed. (Mythic)
  • Stage Two: Fury of the C’thraxxi

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