Nazjatar PvP Event Balance and Alternate Event

Comment by reverandmaniac

on 2019-07-01T22:51:39-05:00

thank you blizzard

Comment by Meebo

on 2019-07-01T22:53:05-05:00

I’ll take the unbalanced shards thanks, just cause I want the tokens only…

Comment by DelliWow

on 2019-07-01T22:53:13-05:00

This is nice and all, but the elite commanders take a fraction of the time as the battle event. Kinda hard to make your way to one before it just instantly dies.

Comment by Soeroah

on 2019-07-01T22:53:30-05:00

Good enough. I wonder how many commendations each will drop? It’s unlikely anyone could tag all five before they die, even with flying, but it’s possible to get 13 once a week from one BoN. Honestly dunno which way will be better to get commendations..

Comment by HexyEU

on 2019-07-01T22:55:21-05:00

What about the Prismatic Manapearls, why not give them for the Commanders also for first of the day +10 ?

Comment by TobiasAmaranth

on 2019-07-01T22:55:34-05:00

Buuuuuuuut then we just post ourselves in group finder and whoever has more groups doing this ends up winning. o.o;r
This doesn’t actually fix the problem, which is advertising it on group finder and ended up with big raids gathering on your particular shard, overwhelming the other team.

Comment by Vothul

on 2019-07-01T22:55:42-05:00

So basically, if your server is lopsided favoring one faction… no more Battle of Nazjatar?

Comment by Nathan4Amy

on 2019-07-01T22:59:01-05:00

I have the mount already so it really doesn’t bother me. But, OCE is 90% Alliance so it looks like we’re never getting the event again D:

Comment by Bekkaboo

on 2019-07-01T23:03:48-05:00

The server I play on has a huge imbalance on the Horde side.r
The server my wPvP buddy plays on has a huge imbalance on the Alliance side. r
I guess we’ll never see the battle again? What about the commendations?r
We were doing it every night, and having such a blast – afterwards, we head to Mechagon and have fights there.r
I hate this change. :”

Comment by Olympus3129

on 2019-07-01T23:04:30-05:00

The event was fun and guaranteed an award the elite commanders are dropped almost instantly if not by your faction then by the other maybe instead of changing something because of an issue FIX the issue give the less represented faction a buff or a reason to get more people to join the event was so fun and now we have this crappy bandaid the original battle for Nazjatar was the most fun Iu2019ve had all of this xpac

Comment by Leftkeywest

on 2019-07-01T23:06:11-05:00

So the actual PvP event won’t even happen in 99% of the shards because of the big imbalance issues. Good way to throw out all that work of making the 5 different spires for the event and in reality not even using them.

Comment by Boomkinpower

on 2019-07-01T23:12:13-05:00


Comment by Zennen313

on 2019-07-01T23:13:33-05:00

Doesn’t work at all. Only difference now is that horde will win all events, alliance don’t get the event. No chance to the “Fighting on Two Fronts” as alliance D:

Comment by Castrum

on 2019-07-01T23:28:28-05:00

Fun detected

Comment by Castrum

on 2019-07-01T23:30:25-05:00

Weu2019ve heard your feedback (and experienced it ourselves)r
Hahahahahahaha, good one, Blizz. We all know no one there actually plays WoW anymore. Weu2019ve read the AMA.

Comment by TwoTastyTicTacs

on 2019-07-01T23:48:28-05:00

Please just fix sharding, Blizzard.

Comment by Draccy

on 2019-07-01T23:49:20-05:00

Another crappy world quest is near Bloodfin village.r
You have to defeat 3 or 4 waves of 3 naga each, and destroy 4 egg things.r
Took ten minutes the other day to clear the waves because of all the Alliance in the area using AoEs to tap things as they spawned.

Comment by bastler

on 2019-07-01T23:50:37-05:00

This is nice and all, but the elite commanders take a fraction of the time as the battle event. Kinda hard to make your way to one before it just instantly dies.r
They are aware of that and patching them with higher HP pools already. Maybe read the patch notes now and then?

Comment by FnordCola

on 2019-07-01T23:52:23-05:00

Bad solution, yet somehow still seems less bad than the system as it was. I…guess that’s something?

Comment by Azzazzelo

on 2019-07-02T00:02:33-05:00

How do they measure shard imbalance? At the starting point? Just that…. people will shard in and out anyway, so in a minute, there will be an imbalance again. Id they restrict sharding during the event, that would help.

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