New Events in WoW for May 29: Battleground Bonus Event, Deepwind Dunk

New World of Warcraft Legion Events for the week of May 29 includes the Battleground Bonus Event, Deepwind Dunk PvP Brawl, new Mythic+ Affixes and new World Bosses.

For the day-to-day updates on Emissary quests, Xu’rios, Mythic+ Affixes, Violet Hold Mythic and more, please visit the Today in Broken Isles section of Wowhead’s front page.

Mythic+ Affixes

This week’s Mythic+ Affixes are Teeming, Explosive, Fortified.

Make sure to check out our recently launched Mythic+ Guides.

From the weekly Challenger’s Bounty chest, players will receive a piece of gear and Artifact Power based on the highest level dungeon they completed last week. This Weekly Chest has an increased chance to Warforge or Titanforge!

For more information on the Mythic Keystone Difficulty, check out our Mythic+ Guide.

PvP Brawl – Deepwind Dunk

This week’s PvP Brawl is Deepwind Dunk.

The reward for winning is 300 Honor and Soldier’s Esteem. Winning a brawl for Something Different rewards a Brawler’s Footlocker.

Can you even dunk? If you want to win this brawl, you’re going to need to work on your skills because Dunkball has come to Pandaria. You’ll race to claim balls from the map’s center, or northern, or southern mines, take them to your enemy’s base, and then go for a magnificent long range shot or go all in for the dunk.!

What are PvP Brawls?


A series of new twists on popular player-versus-player activities are on the way. Starting with “Southshore vs. Tarren Mill”, “Gravity Lapse”, and “Warsong Scramble”, PvP Brawls offer a variety of mode, rules, and scenic changes to the usual Battleground gameplay. Look for the Brawl option in the Group Finder (default hotkey: i) Player vs. Player tab, under the Casual selection.

Greater Invasion Point World Boss

This Week’s Greater Invasion Point Boss is Sotanathor. Sotanathor drops ilvl 930 Storm Relic Sotanathor’s Thundering Hoof and Life Relic Spike of Immortal Command. Killing a full rotation of bosses earns Invasion Obliteration.

Greater Invasion Point Rotation:

For more information on Greater Invasion Points, check out the Invasion Points Guide.

Broken Isles World Boss

This week’s Broken Isles World Boss is Calamir. If you’re after Artifact Appearances that drop from World Bosses, remember that the Fury Warrior components and Enhancement Shaman appearance can be found from Trial of Valor bosses in a hotfix.

More information on all the Legion World bosses in the Broken Isles World Bosses Guide.

If you have been doing your World Bosses regularly, you should have already unlocked Unleashed Monstrosities as well. To use this tint, you must have unlocked the base Valorous artifact appearance via Improving on History first.

Here is the full rotation.

Battleground Bonus Event

During this time, you will get the Sign of Battle buff which increases the amount of Honor earned from Battleground objectives and wins by 50%. Honor is used to unlock more PvP talents in Legion and allow players to Prestige up for rewards like Prestigious Bronze Courser and Alliance Enthusiast.

Pick up the weekly bonus event quest from Archmage Timear to acquire Glory of the Melee, Badge of Honor, and 5 Marks of Honor. For this quest you must win 4 battlegrounds.

What is a Battleground?

  • Battlegrounds are a form of large scale PvP. You can queue with up to 5 party members, or by yourself and be matched up with others.
  • Your PvP ratings are not affected by wins and losses in regular Battlegrounds, as opposed to Rated Battlegrounds
  • You can start doing Battlegrounds at level 10, with a new bracket every 10 levels.

We have guides on most of the battlegrounds:


The archaeology reward for the next week is Wyrmy Tunkins — a pet! If you don’t grab it in the next week, you’ll have to wait another 6 months for the rotation!

Completing 8 archaeology quests unlocks an Artifact Tint from This Side Up.

Other Events

Darkmoon Faire starts this Sunday

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