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We decided to cover Borderlands 3 and hope the reaction will be positive. This first post details what our plans are and why we chose this game.

We’re trying something a little different here on Icy Veins, as we thought we’d try covering Borderlands 3 as a bit of an experiment, and see if our community might be interested in something non-Blizzard. This is a bit of a personal one for me (Starym), as I’m always looking for that next Diablo-like fix and I’ve been a fan of Borderlands for a long time. I thought that there’s probably plenty of other people like me here on Icy Veins that would be interested in alternatives while we wait (and wait and wait) for Diablo 4 and might like to hear some info about them. Also, in case you were wondering, this isn’t a paid post or anything similar, just my personal attempt to add something to the Icy Veins community.

So we’re going to be covering some Borderlands-related news here, as well as a few roundups of what’s already been announced, and hopefully we’ll also be doing guides when the game releases. But first, why did we pick this game as our first non-Blizzard title and what’s the game actually about?

Why Borderlands?

Borderlands as a franchise, and the third installment in particular, seemed like a great fit for our community, with the focus on loot, endgame, character building and a lot of other RPG elements – in short, the game is basically a Diablo First Person Shooter. The new game will be much more expansive than previous entries, both in terms of gameplay content, loot, customization depth (both systemic and cosmetic) – pushing it a little bit more towards MMO territory, while still being a 1-4 player co-op game, so the WoW crowd might also get a kick out of it. With many character setups to explore across the 4 classes, an insane number of guns, shields, grenades and other items to combine into a build, there’s plenty of space for guides and character optimization, so there will be a lot to cover, and hopefully we can be a resource to the general Borderlands community as well.

Those were the reasons we thought we should cover the game, but why should you try it?
As with Diablo, the core gameplay was already very good in Borderlands 2 and it’s being significantly improved in 3. Customization depth has also been massively increased, bringing many more options and builds to the table. Co-op play is much better this time around as well, with lower level players being able to play with higher levels seamlessly. The guns and loot in general has been made even more interesting with special manufacturer perks, alternate fire on all guns and much, much more. But most of all, it’s great to play it with friends and one of the best co-op games around, while still maintaining an interesting single player experience as well.

The Basics of BL3

We’ll be covering all the new features and what you can look forward to in separate articles, including all the changes from BL2, but we also wanted to take a look at the basic info for the game in case you weren’t familiar with the franchise or just wanted to know what it’s really all about.

Release date: September 13th, 2019

What is it: a 1-4 player co-operative PvE focused FPS, drop in-drop out “looter-shooter” with leveling

Character builds: each of the 4 Vault Hunters (classes) has 3 skill trees and 3 different active abilities to choose from, as well as a huge amount of guns, shields, grenades and class mods, all with their own properties and stats

Itemization: Loot rarity up to legendary (and beyond?), item manufacturers give unique properties to items (Hyperion guns have shields attached, Atlas guns have tracking bullets, Maliwan have different elemental properties you can cycle through, etc.), different item components (barrel, sight, etc.) change the properties of guns which takes the number of guns in the game into the billions

Extremely unique weapons and items: guns with legs, grenades that split into more that then split into more etc, guns that mock you when you miss, guns with infinite ammo, guns that fire hails of bullets in a descending arc, shields that drop booster packs when you get shot, and much more

Quests, experience, leveling, side-challenges that give you paragon-like points to distribute across all characters

Vehicles and vehicle customization, both cosmetic and systemic (different gun turrets, wheels vs. hover pads etc.)

Sci-fi/space setting, with 5 different planets to visit, your own spaceship home base

A lot of humor/satire in the storyline, quests and characters

A big focus on the endgame

Stay tuned for the detailed rundown of Borderlands 3’s new and returning features, and we hope you’ll enjoy this addition to the site and perhaps even give the game a try. Also, here’s the full gameplay reveal live-stream, in case you wanted to see more:

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