New Warlock Spell Animations in Battle for Azeroth – News

Our Battle for Azeroth preview continues with new character models for Anduin, Genn, Jaina, Azshara and various important characters that cross your way in the new expansion.


Anduin’s Horse

Azshara (Naga)

It has been confirmed at BlizzCon that Azshara will be killable in a future raid in Battle for Azeroth. Here’s her Naga skin.


Genn Greymane

G’huun (Blood God)

Blood Trolls of Zandalar worship G’huun. The Blood God is the second boss in Uldir.

Jaina Proudmoore

Jaina’s Staff

Katherine Proudmoore

Princess Talanji


Skins of the various Loa that players encounter in Zandalar.

Bat Loa

Pterrordax Loa

Raptor Loa

Toad Loa

T-Rex Loa

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New Warlock Spell Animations in Battle for Azeroth

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