NEXT WOW EXPANSION LEAKED?! World of Warcraft: The Veil of Shadows 8.0

NEXT WOW EXPANSION LEAKED?! World of Warcraft: The Veil of Shadows 8.0

So it’s that time again, with Gamescom in just a few weeks and Blizzcon around the corner the quote on quote expansion leaks are popping up in every WoW fan forum around the internet. I generally try to avoid these so called leaks as they’re usually just fake and look like poor fan-fiction. However, one caught my eye today as it’s been on a lot of WoW and MMO websites like which made me look in to it. Now, take this with a grain of salt…

World of Warcraft: Veil of Shadows [LEAKED NEW WOW EXPANSION]

Character details include:

Customizable skills through the Forge of Illumination?
New weapon types
New combat animations
New class/weapon combos
Flails, pistols and spellbound weapons
New Race/Class combos: Pandaren Death Knights; Human Shaman; Troll & Night Elf Paladins, Draenei & Tauren Warlocks and Pandaren Druids
Expanded character customization options including new textures, models, animations and voices
World details:
Dark Titan of the nascent Azeroth Titan
Location: Isle of Kul’Tiras
Lady Jaina Proudmoore asks Horde & Alliance for help in her native home
Location: The Dragon Isles – controlled by the Infinite Dragonflight
Location: Nazjatar
Heroes & Villains
Pillars of Creation
Queen Azshara
Magni Bronzebeard – he has been decieved
Hakkar the Soulflayer
Highkeeper Odyn and Ra
The Infinite Dragonflight
Jaina Proudmoore
Moira Darkiron
Sylvanas & Alleria Windrunner
Admiral Genn Greymane
Other features:
videos, comics, screens, wallpapers, videos
1-110 scaling
Quests, dungeons and raids upgraded throughout the game
120 level cap
New dungeons, raids and world bosses

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