Nightsong (World Of Warcraft) – Cover By Kendra Masonchuck

Nightsong (World Of Warcraft) – Cover By Kendra Masonchuck

Hey all! I really want to get back into recording on a regular basis, but it’s been so long I wasn’t sure what to do. It popped into my head to do another World of Warcraft song, even though instrumentals for them are pretty impossible to find. I got lucky with this song, as the extended version essentially just repeats itself but without vocals at the end so woohoo!

I also decided to ask my friend Sacha for some artwork, as he let me use his Sylvanas artwork years ago back when I did my Lament of the Highborne cover. I’m happy to say my video editing skills have come far enough since then that I can actually upload high quality videos to properly showcase his amazing artwork in HD! Sacha so generously spared a few days to touching up this amazing piece specifically for my video, therefore I decided to fade out my overlaying title so his amazing artwork can be fully showcased! Thank you so much Sacha!

Please check out the rest of Sacha’s INCREDIBLE artwork by visiting the links below:

Sacha’s Facebook:

Sacha’s Instagram:

Sacha’s Deviant Art:

No copyright infringement intended, this is not for profit, it is for showcase only. I make NO money from my videos and claim to own nothing but my voice.



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