Nintendo Entertainment System

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Unparalleled, SMB blew open the doors to the videogaming world. With rich palettes of colour, eight four level worlds, spot-on play control, and expert level design, SMB was a much longer game than most of Atari’s products and was a game unlike any other at that time. SMB also had the benefit of being very simple to grasp; run, jump, and fire. It was also the first side-sroller as we know it, though Atari’s PITFALL set up the concept. Also, it’s one of the best. Without SMB, NES wouldn’t have been nearly as big a hit in the beginning.

In the end, Nintendo came at the industry’s key moment. With a powerful new console (for that time) and a very well-designed game, Nintendo resurrected video gaming. With its phenomenal success of the NES and SMB, the video game industry once again took off, becoming one of the world’s most significant economical contributors.