Nozari, Unseen Saboteur & Shadowy Figure Reveals: Rise of Shadows – News

In this article, we have rounded up all the cards that were revealed today.

Let’s start with two Druid cards revealed by Trump. The first one is Crystal Stag:

So, it looks like Druid is respeccing from Guardian in Kobolds & Catacombs and Feral in Rastakhan’s Rumble to Restoration in Rise of Shadows. Obviously this card is extremely powerful if you can reliably activate it. However, even though Druid has a lot of Beast support, it could use a little more help in the restoring health department. So far, it only has Healing Touch and Ancient of Lore (which is higher Mana than this) in Standard, as well as the following spell.

As all Choose One cards, this one is versatile and it is also cheap which makes it a force to be reckoned with. It’s more balanced than Living Roots, since the 2 damage component can only target minions. Crystal Power can work well in a healing deck with Crystal Stag, along with the new Keeper Stalladris legendary, and it can function as fuel for your Gadgetzan Auctioneer. Almost all Choose One cards have seen some amount of play, so I wouldn’t discard this one.

Next up, we have Fel Lord Betrug, unveiled by Chinese streamer TaoMei.

This card has a really cool effect, but I am afraid it’s too slow and too weak stat-wise to be actually worth it. There are no ways (for now) to cheat this out earlier, as Skull of the Man’ari and Possessed Lackey are rotating out of Standard. Its stats are also too low to survive that late in the game. Everyone could list potential combos with Fel Lord Betrug, but its awesome potential is just very limited – at least in Standard.

Hecklebot was unveiled by PCGamesN.

According to Liv Breeden, Hecklebot will come with 9 different play lines and 9 attack lines – the most out of all cards in this set – to insult your opponent. Apart from listening to all these voice lines, it’s worth including this card in your deck: you can play it on curve against aggro or use it along with removal later in the game. The risk is obviously going to be there, so good knowledge of the meta is required. Its mana cost is a bit high, but at least it can curve into Zilliax.

And we are finishing off with two Shaman card reveals by Polish streamer MKRR3. The first one is Walking Fountain:

From the reveals so far, it is certain that Shaman is heading into Control territory in Rise of Shadows and Walking Fountain is a solid addition to it. Countess Ashmore can pull this and you can afterwards play it on curve. The Elemental tag is notable, but it should also be mentioned that most cards with Elemental synergy are rotating out of Standard. In Arena, this big boy makes for an excellent card and a more than adequate replacement for Stormwatcher.

The last reveal for today is Muckmorpher:

The “different minion” part of the card box means that Muckmorpher can’t turn into itself, if you are running two copies of it. Apart from the obvious candidates (Malygos, Al’Akir the Windlord, Walking Fountain), Muckmorpher can also be used in a deck with Deathrattles and cards like Ancestral Spirit. Amusingly, Muckmorpher had bad synergy with Shudderwock, since the latter will transform itself into something else and therefore stop the chain of Battlecries.

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