Ny’alotha Raid Weapon Models – Wowhead News

Comment by slemaire

on 2019-10-07T21:44:43-05:00

Again, why is 8.3 Development content also being sent to the Retail webhook?

Just going to keep harping on this til someone responds.

Comment by Jessimekat

on 2019-10-07T21:45:25-05:00

That shield looks amazing!

Comment by germanpie

on 2019-10-07T21:45:46-05:00

other, also known as daggers

Comment by ArchieAngel

on 2019-10-07T21:48:50-05:00

Not gonna lie, thought the agility staff was a mace at first lolr
In all seriousness though, REALLY nice weapon models we got here. Favorite has to be the one handed swords, the awesome polearm and especially the axes. Reminds me of the Blood DK artifact hidden appearance in a way.

Comment by dembro

on 2019-10-07T21:56:44-05:00

These are some… eye-catching designs. If the gun is more sleek and rifle-like than fat and blunderbuss-like, then I think that’ll be one of my favorites.

Edit: Yeah, not bad. Thanks for putting these in the Dressing Room so quickly!

Comment by Eddafred

on 2019-10-07T21:57:10-05:00

Reminds me of the tainted weapons Garrosh drops in Siege. Especially that 2H Axe.

Comment by hobbidaggy

on 2019-10-07T21:59:08-05:00

Not gonna lie, thought the agility staff was a mace at first lol.r
Well that canu2019t be unseen lol

Comment by radarhead

on 2019-10-07T22:05:01-05:00

That shield looks remarkably like the one depicted on the Hearthstone card “Ancient Shieldbearer”- from three years ago! What a callback!

Comment by kleman96

on 2019-10-07T22:11:50-05:00

Not bad but again these textures seem kind of low quality.

Comment by Rytingur

on 2019-10-07T22:13:09-05:00

Kinda underwhelmed tbh, sort of look like what I’d expect the leveling greens of the next expansion to look like. Shield looks great but the rest is discount Siege of Orgrimmar weapons

Comment by MusedMoose

on 2019-10-07T22:15:51-05:00

I can see the future, and it shows me farming this raid for transmog over and over and over. 😛

Comment by Xalea

on 2019-10-07T22:25:56-05:00

Don’t these seem a bit.. boring?

Comment by Veszcer1

on 2019-10-07T22:35:56-05:00

Not bad but again these textures seem kind of low quality.r
Yeah, some of the textures themselves look a bit low resolution, though the models alone might just be cool enough to make me use them.

Comment by Setsuna665

on 2019-10-07T22:41:29-05:00

as a feral druid the agi polarm/staff will probably end up being a transmog only at best since it lacks mastery

Comment by Deadlysong

on 2019-10-07T22:41:55-05:00

Can’t say I like a single one of them, frankly. Never been a fan of the ‘eyes on everything!’ style, was hoping for some more stuff similar to the screenshots of the Sleeping City with clean lines of obsidian stone and dark orange runes.

Comment by Coldleo

on 2019-10-07T22:54:07-05:00

Green is RFr
Purple/Black and Purple/Yellow are Normal and Heroic (either or)r
Red is Mythic

Comment by Draintwo

on 2019-10-07T22:55:38-05:00

I don’t get it. Why do these items look so similar to every other item of its kind dating as far back as MoP? Seriously compare this *!@# to Siege items. Or even WoD models. It’s like they take the same basic look and just add a few unique things on the skin of it. I also am so sad about how the two handers are always tiny. Back in I think it was Cataclysm, I talked to Ghostcrawler on twitter. He told me he realized the two handers had gotten smaller over time and that they would go back to increasing the size of them to make them feel like WoW again. It never happened sadly.

Comment by Acoleski

on 2019-10-08T01:28:23-05:00

The whole eye theme brings back memories from Siege of Orgrimmar in Pandaria.

Comment by Sugave

on 2019-10-08T01:51:33-05:00

That shield! Omg I gonna love to suit my paladin completley themed around this shield with the new raid plate set <3

Comment by randomnut

on 2019-10-08T02:00:44-05:00

why are the textures so low res?

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