Ny’alotha, the Waking City Includes a Raid Skip Quest

Comment by TOMRUS

on 2019-10-17T15:45:51-05:00

They should add skip to Battle for Dazar’alor raid as well…

Comment by TehLucario

on 2019-10-17T15:46:43-05:00

Very appreciated.

Comment by Nulgar

on 2019-10-17T15:46:49-05:00

I just wish it would be account-wide, once unlocked.

Comment by dokeefe1986

on 2019-10-17T15:47:03-05:00

Nice. Any skip is a good skip. The more the better.

Comment by Wasselin

on 2019-10-17T15:47:36-05:00

They should break all raids up into wings, just like LFR. Having more bite sized chunks clearly defined by the game would make raiding more accessible.

Comment by GrimmHooke

on 2019-10-17T15:49:38-05:00

Oh goodness, THANK YOU BLIZZ. I’ve been whining this entire expansion about how they took out raid skips, and how utterly brutal it is for these longer raids. Good to know all those in-game suggestions from the Help menu didn’t fall on deaf ears.

Comment by Wretchedmist

on 2019-10-17T15:50:14-05:00

The absence of raid skips has been another example of BfA inferiority. When you look back at Legion you realize how good it was. Everything’s relative. For example, being able to skip to heroic or mythic Gul’dan to farm the green and red infernal was a great feature. It rewarded players who completed that quest and were part of a raid team who accomplished that. It just makes the game more fun. You can’t do that with mythic Jaina, and it sucks.

Comment by kayed

on 2019-10-17T15:51:09-05:00

Shut up

Comment by pikamaster

on 2019-10-17T15:52:55-05:00

1 skip is better than none at all.

Comment by dokeefe1986

on 2019-10-17T15:54:15-05:00

PSA, relevant guide on wowhead that I’ve always loved to refer back to every so often, with regard to raids and their skip quests. Link –


Comment by Palalex

on 2019-10-17T15:58:02-05:00

Now we need skip to farm GMOD and Jaina mount.

Comment by Nikolas90

on 2019-10-17T15:59:08-05:00

About time.

Comment by tmptfate

on 2019-10-17T16:08:28-05:00

Now we need skip to farm GMOD and Jaina mount.r

Comment by Zigrifid

on 2019-10-17T16:13:52-05:00

they dont need to do this,just give portals for last boss or something after a couple expansions when we solo them for mounts haha 😀

Comment by mikeormichael

on 2019-10-17T16:24:57-05:00

They should break all raids up into wings, just like LFR. Having more bite sized chunks clearly defined by the game would make raiding more accessible.r
That, or having wings with wing end bosses along the lines of ICC.r
linear first portion, then wings in any order, then final wingr
but any skip is a good skip

Comment by Wishblade

on 2019-10-17T16:26:44-05:00

Considering it currently seems like there are three routes to take after boss 3, I don’t see a reason to add another skip.r
Route 1: Xanesh – Vexionar
Route 2: Hivemind – Ra-denr
Route 3: Shad’har – Drest’agath – Il’gynothr
Might eventually block those routes but so far seems to be open for the taking.

Comment by Gatora

on 2019-10-17T16:51:13-05:00

The more the merrier

Comment by carriebot

on 2019-10-17T17:01:33-05:00

That’s great. Now if they would just give us a trader for tidalcores and hydrocores…

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