Our Christmas 2018 – Photos and VIDEO! – At Home With Natalie

Looking through the photos we snapped this Christmas and feeling all the feels!
Here’s some of the moments I captured that make my heart happy.
This Christmas was a special one and I’ll treasure these memories forever!
Our house is pretty full… but it’s days like this that make you so happy we are where we are.
The kids are such a joy in our life! Feeling thankful!
Here’s some of my favorite photos that sum up our day and a video of the best moments!
I’ll post the longer version later this week if you want to see more of the merry crazy haha.
I hope you had a wonderful time… with people you love.
Merry Christmas!
(PS. I’m linking some of the toys at bottom of post if you want to check them out!)

Christmas Day 2018

our Christmas Day video here or over on our YouTube Channel!

We met up with family for Christmas Eve Mass!
All the cousins ended up in the Manger!
Excitement was in the air haha. Forced a quick family photo before we
headed home for Dinner with Grandma and Grandpa.
They acted like they were going to leave and then started ringing jingle bells outside…
and came back in to surprise the kids with a special polar express ride in
their mini van to ride around and see Christmas lights.
My mom packed little treats for each kid
and put a jingle bell necklace on each of them.The kids were so happy!
I wasn’t able to snap a photo of the moment because it happened fast but I love that my parents did it.
After they drove our kids around they went over to my sister’s house and
did the same thing. Making the grandparent rounds. 😉

It was a little tricky getting the kids to go to sleep on Christmas Eve…
but they finally crashed… and Santa came!!!
I snuck downstairs and snapped a photo of the magical scene.
We always gather together and say a prayer before we come downstairs.
It’s become a special tradition over the years that I love seeing
the big kids do with the little ones. Love their hearts for Jesus and how
excited they are to see what Santa brough them to celebrate!
Family is EVERYTHING and this is such a special day to be all together.
I think it’s always fun to see what other people gave their kids for Christmas…
scroll through or watch the video to see what the kids recieved!
Thankful for all these fun memories and family near and far away who loved on our Kids!
It was a very Merry Christmas!

The kiddos were spoiled by their grandparents and cousins!
And I always have fun finding the perfect little presents for them.
Ben found a couple of the big hits like an Amazon ninja that he is!
I LOVED all their squeals and giggles…and watching them all play.

The running joke Christmas morning when someone opened a present was, “you got a box!!”
And everyone cheered. Haha. I love how over the years we’ve created our own inside jokes and silly traditions.
Like the ice tongs (wedding present) that are hidden in the tree every year.
They somehow ended up in the Christmas ornaments 10 years ago and we’ve been doing this ever since.
It’s a game to see who can spot the tongs. 😂🎄😍 I’m just worried for the day my kids
share their Christmas traditions and try to explain that one to their class. Haha.

We always make a sausage egg and cheese casserole for breakfast… with yogurt and blueberries!
My parents surprised us, when they came over, with her famous blueberry buckle! YUMMY!
For lunch we always do snacks foods and the treats we’ve baked.
We went over to my sister’s house for dinner with the cousins and grandma and grandpa.
It was such a fun day!

How cute are these baby Jesus cookies my mom makes??
It’s a sugar cookie with yellow icing, a marshmallow body and a melting chocolate head.
Edible marker for eyes and mouth. The kids always love these!

My parents surprised the girls on Christmas morning with my old Playmobile Doll House!
I had gone over, weeks before, to sort out the pieces and sets with my mom till midnight.
Sophie and Sienna FLIPPED out and spent hours immediately playing with it.
I’m just over here reliving my childhood through the eyes’ of my girls and it’s everything!

Thanks for stopping by!
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Here’s some of the toys if you want to check them out:
KidKraft Washer and Dryer
Triple Doll Stroller
UNO Attack
Little Tikes BBQ Grill

Mindware Toys:
Mega Marble Run
Playful Chef Chocolate Studio
Rainbow Roller Ball Track
Pottery Wheel for Beginners

Play Food Gifts:
Melissa & Doug Favorite Condiments
Learning Resources Fresh Fruit Salad Set
Melissa & Doug Breakfast Caddy Set
Learning Resources Dinner Foods Basket
Melissa & Doug Smoothie Blender Maker Set



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