Our Easter with Five Kids! – VLOG – At Home With Natalie

Happy Easter from our family!!
Our Hope is in HIM! Thankful for this day with my people celebrating Jesus’ love for us. 🌷🌤
Sharing some photos and a video of our day. I hoe you enjoy seeing a
look inside our Easter Day as a big ol’ family of five. 😉

Easter Morning 2019 – Five Kids!

Was legit laugh/crying as I looked for a photo to share……
almost every 👏🏻single 👏🏻family photo we snapped…
Micah was crossing his eyes.
I mean, his commitment was impressive.
Hope you had a day of laughing, eating yummy food and enjoying time with your loved ones!
Asher was working that photo op above. The girls look so gorgeous and grown up (crying inside) and
Hunter was ready to sprint.
It was a fun and special day and guys……
5 out of the 7 of us napped after church. 🙌🏻 A-MEN.

Here’s some snapshots of our Easter morning!
It’s always kind of loud and crazy with five kids on Holidays but so special!
We always start our morning off with a prayer…
and then everyone runs downstairs to see what the Easter Bunny brought!
I love seeing their faces. and X’s 5?? SO FUN!
Grateful for these people and these fun memories.

This is my favorite photo of the morning…..
it felt like pure magic seeing the kids’ share this fun together.
It’s so sweet how they love each other.

We had dinner and dessert at my parents’ house and look how cute they made it!!!
Those little bunnies are from my childhood!
We brought the salad (blogged it here!) deviled eggs and bunny sugar cookies.
(The sugar cookie recipe is our family favorite since I was a kid!)

Thanks for being here and following a long – I hope you are having a wonderful day!
I always find it fun to see how people celebrate the Holidays.
You can watch more of our past videos over on our You Tube Channel!
Hope to see you over there. 🙂

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