Parents Angry After Students ‘Shamed’ Over Dress Code Violations

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Chloe Lynch goes to high school in suburban Illinois and has never been faced with any sort of dress code violation … until now.

Recently, Chloe said a group of female students were pulled into the dean’s office for violating the school’s dress code policy because their shoulders were exposed on a hot day, resulting in a punishment that’s leaving many local parents outraged.

The tank-top-clad girls were reportedly made to remove their tops and put on bright orange T-shirts to cover up their bare arms because “boys were looking at them.”

At the end of the school day, Chloe says she went to the principal’s office to retrieve her clothes and ID and saw a pile of student ID cards and about 20 other female students in line to get their belongings back.

One mom sent WGN-TV photos of the school’s dance team uniforms, which were sanctioned and handed out by the school. Both uniforms, when worn, reveal the students’ arms and shoulders.

In the clip below, parents and students explain why the dress code is a confusing double standard. Even the male students have found a clever way to protest.

Footage provided by WGN-TV

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