Parents Learn Both Sons Are Having Babies At The Same Time

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After Santino and Brittany got married in July 2018, the couple from Clifton Park, New York, were ready to start their family.

Santino was elated when his wife got pregnant, which also meant Santino’s parents were going to be grandparents for the very first time.

The expecting couple told Santino’s brother, Primo, about their baby-to-be. It wasn’t long after that Primo called them back with news of his own… that his wife was pregnant, too.

That meant the brothers’ parents, Donna and Robert, were about to be first-time grandparents, twice over. They agreed that they wanted to share the news in one big double surprise.

On Easter Sunday, the two pregnant couples — Santino and Brittany, and Primo and his wife — gave Donna and Robert a wrapped box containing two separate stockings. They placed the stockings side-by-side inside the box, asked Donna and Robert to open it, and let the camera roll.

Donna and Robert have a priceless reaction the first time around, but the second makes it even better.

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