Parents Think 6-Year-Old Is Unable To Speak Until One Dentist Visit

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Mason Motz is a six-year-old boy from Katy, Texas. Mason was born with a genetic disorder called Sotos Syndrome. As a result, he has long suffered from speech delays, along with breathing and sleeping issues.

Mason would frequently choke while eating as a result of his breathing difficulties. His parents placed him in speech therapy and brought him to many medical professionals, but they were never able to fully solve Mason’s problems.

The family attributed Mason’s speech delays and lack of vocabulary to his Sotos Syndrome. He couldn’t enunciate, so instead of saying, “Daddy,” he would simply say, “Da…”

Then one day, Mason was at the dentist’s office for some routine teeth extraction. During his appointment with Dr. Amy Luedemann-Lazar, a pediatric dentist who specializes in treating patients with special needs, she discovered something no pediatrician, geneticist, neurologist, or speech therapist had ever noticed before.

Dr. Luedemann-Lazar realized Mason was suffering from a completely different issue in addition to Sotos Syndrome. It’s a condition that’s actually formed inside the womb.

The dentist decided to have Mason undergo a quick laser procedure in the effort to correct his speech.

Within just a few hours, the lives and Mason and his family were forever changed.

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